sensitivity is your powerYour sensitivity is your POWER!


This is a NEW four-call teleseries. Each 90-minute call in the series is broken up into 3 parts; Instructional Transmissions, Q&A, and then the Clearings and Activations.


This is quite an advanced product that had participants commenting on how much they’d gained (freedom, relief, release & joy) from the Instructional parts, as much as the Clearings & Activations. In this series you are given a very deep experience of being walked through and guided along the path to enlightenment with an awakened consciousness. You are given empowerment as a “sensitive” or empath, out of this being a hindrance where you absorb too much of others’ energy, and instead on into being strengthened and activated to finally step out in a joyous expression of your power. You’re then set up to step into the active, gentle force as the co-creator of your life and living.

The series is recommended for all who wish to really simply embody their Awakened Presence, and have ease with creating their lives as they desire!

The series is especially recommended for energy workers, healers and practitioners to have as a training product first and foremost to shift themselves so they may then better serve their clients. Yet it will also vastly elevate your span of knowledge & raise the consciousness for not only yourself, but through your shifted, Awakened and embodied Presence, all of humanity at the same time. You will also receive what the initial participants experienced and spoke of as “offering empaths relief” that includes release of the hidden belief of carrying a burden on behalf of humanity and transmuting that into it being their “job” to live in joy, with a fierce yet gentle and steady empowerment for their gifts.

Advanced Training & Activations: Energetic Reversal for Sensitives/Empaths

Dr. Alison will support you in re-framing what may have been previously perceived by you and told to you that sensitivity is your weakness. You’ll be empowered to know how it’s actually your strength and your gift.  She’ll share a rarely mentioned and new understanding about why “sensitives” are this way that no one else is presenting; the kind of information that can set you free!

Here is a partial list of what participants noticed & reported:

  • Quieting of mental chatter
  • Less triggering to no triggering when around certain people in their lives
  • More peace, more energy, more vitality
  • Personal interactions with people are shifting and having more ease
  • Less need to be obliging and people pleasing
  • More coming into their own power and less needing to be nice to others
  • Gastric upset and digestive issues improved (IMPT NOTE: The 3rd CHAKRA is most highly affected as an outcome of listening)
  • More willingness to engage in, make time for, and increase personal self-care
  • Create more space for autonomy in your household – to be empowered to pull away from people who you are used to pleasing taking your own best interests to heart
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