Meditation Instruction & Practice

The total length of this audio is 60 minutes and is split into two (2) parts.  The first part offers 35 minutes of Dr. Kay explaining the nature of the mind according to the most pure & traditional meditation discussions from both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions.  It describes the fundamental, universal aspects to our minds, and it will surprise you how not-alone you are with the way your mind is. This part itself is life-changing.

The second part is 25 minutes of actual meditation practice. Alison gently guides you through the process of redirecting your awareness off of your thoughts, learning detachment, while cultivating the observer. Here you will be surprised how spot on she addresses what your mind is doing.  This reflects the universality of the mind.  In fact, one of the most basic Buddhist tenets is that all human minds are neurotic… now it’s just learning how to work with that neuroses.

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The mp3s have been separated so that you can download just the meditation audio and re-listen to it over and over allowing you to get into a regulated and disciplined meditation practice. Twelve minutes a day has been shown to produce measurable results. Life gets easier and easier the more you develop this skill.


  • You’ll breathe easier, lower your heart rate and blood pressure

  • Experience a quieter mind and more presence in your daily life

  • Expand your consciousness inside and out

  • Become the observer of your conscious thoughts without reacting

  • Develop and strengthen your intuition

  • Touch into the Source of all power

  • Improve your cognitive functions like memory, concentration and ability to focus

  • Have the misperceptions of what meditation not is debunked

*Please note that this audio is currently being offered at an extremely affordable price knowing that the value of practicing this technique is truly priceless.  Dr. Kay’s desire is to not only offer deep personal healing support to her clients through working together, but also to make tools available to them that offer a direct means to achieve profound results on their own as she has in her own life.  This meditation audio is a key tool.