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Yoga, Meditation, Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat
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Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Wellness ~ Rejuvenation


The Roman baths in Ischia, Italy are the initial Roman baths that started the tradition of healing waters and structures built up around them for wellness and rejuvenation.


With so many peaceful places, and in fact the entire island emanating peace, the meditation practice you'll be instructed through will get you into an even deeper, more restful, healing inner space, from which you'll recharge and rejuvenate, and UPgrade your vibration.


Discover beauty everywhere on this gorgeous, inspiring island of Ischia, off the Amalfi coast of Italy. Receive energy medicine to jump start your Vibrational UPgrade into wholeness & wellness.


Daily restorative yoga practice fit for any level to open up your system to make the most out of the electricity (for your central nervous system) and other benefits of these exquisite healing waters, while aligning your mind, body and spirit through opening and balancing your chakra system.

Join me in Ischia, Italy

For yoga, meditation, wellness and rejuvenation.

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