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“Everything is Lighter & Easier”


– Robin Sloan
Long term customer, follower & now in our Activate Your Magic program

You Walk the Talk

“Alison, your caliber of consciousness allows you to grasp these big concepts and effectively break them down to a Western audience in a way they can easily understand & apply them.

You’re really practical with your teachings and examples. You’re not just teaching philosophy like so many others. See, you’re always living and growing in a way that you can then share it with the people who work with you in a real & effective way.”

Gurudev Amrit Desai: 1 of the main yoga teachers to bring Yoga to the States in the 60’s; founder of 1st Holistic Health & Yoga Center in the USA, Kripalu Yoga Center; Yoga Nidra; Amrit Yoga

Your Work Has Great Impact

“You have a very rich perspective and understanding of how to approach life and living, which is very different than how people approach life in America, and greatly impacts mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

Dr./Rev. Michael Beckwith, New Thought minister, author, co-founder of the Association for Global New Thought; appeared on both Oprah & one of the featured teachers in the movie classic, The Secret.

You Understand How to Create With Your Consciousness

“The new science of epigenetics where the mind is responsible for reading the DNA is an empowerment biology because you can change your mind. And, you can control your biology. So, you are not a victim of your genes. You are a master of your genes. And that’s what you help people get to, Alison, and why the good work you do is so important. You understand how the subconscious gets in the way.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton –  Author of bestsellers The Biology of Belief; The Honeymoon Effect; pioneer in stem cell research & epigenetics

You Help People Uncover the Sacred

“The sacred is within us. It is not outside of us. It is within us. It’s who we really are. It’s not something else. But it’s all covered by our stuff. By the cultural stuff. So all we have to do is uncover it. And that’s what things like chanting do, and the work that you do, Alison. You help people uncover the sacred in a different way.”

Krishna Das, Pioneer of Kirtan in the West; has had Sting chant with him on his album; a devotee of the North Indian Saint, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji),

All of Dr. Alison’s Award Winning & #1 International Best-Selling


How to UPgrade Your ability to manifest anything

How to Activate a New Reality of Wonder & Magic

How to Master your Intuition for Optimal Success



…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.

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I Have Become a New Person!

Since I have been working with Alison in her Magic, Manifestation & Money Flow Group, I literally have become a new person.

I initially came to Alison to help me in the creation of my life coaching and reflexology business. I am a totally blind business entrepreneur struggling with many money obstacles. In the third week of working with Alison, I received a $10,000 grant to help my business start-up. Amazing!! My thought process of money has changed within this program.

I no longer obsess about where my money is coming from and why I never have enough of it. The greatest shift is when Alison began to clear the generational energies and traumas around money… this is when I felt the burdened weight lifted off my shoulders.

There is so much more that Alison is addressing other than money in this program. She really looks at you from a holistic make-over.

Alison has a gift for healing and such a love for those she works within shifting energy. The honor was all mine in working with her.

With Alison’s guidance and energy work it became clear to me that there is a bigger world outside the blindness community that I can tap into and not feel guilty for it.  I am so much more than just a blind person stuck in a blind world.  Wow, what a new lease on life Alison gave me!”

– Teresa Glenn, Chicago, IL

Our conversation changed my vibration

Hello! I’ve been meaning to write to you for months and months, as I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation a year and half ago, and how much that one conversation so profoundly changed my vibration. It “lasted” about six months, which was phenomenal. Of course I have tapped back into it many times since, but what was so interesting was how sustained it felt. I also listened to several of your calls in the subsequent months, so thank you for that. I appreciate your emails and look forward to listening to some calls, or joining a call, again soon.”

– Matthew L. / Wales

Deeply Moved By Your Call

“Alison, I was deeply moved and am still trying to collect myself.  It felt like the profound and lengthy gift you gave everyone was just for me. It was powerfully clear that your focused energy was coming from a true desire to help, heal, and liberate. I am still at a loss for words.  My intent now is to listen as often as I feel guided and absorb as much as I possibly can.”

No longer need anti-depressants

“I just wanted to thank you again for the many ways you have helped me so far! I have been off my Zoloft medicine since August for my post-partem depression & even though I know I still have a long way to go, I feel at least like I’m going somewhere & I love this is & it feels great! Just listening to your Tuesday calls makes me feel calm and at peace. I feel like I have a sense of direction & a new found purpose. I am forever thankful that our paths have crossed!”

She Sent Me a High Frequency Healing & It Healed!

“Stand up & take notice when Dr. Kay says she’s sending you some “juice”! After a series of intensive, life-changing sessions we became friends & stay in touch.  Recently I mentioned that I had cut my foot badly & thought I should have had stitches. Alison casually said she would send me some juice.  Well, the next day my cut was closed completely & the pain was gone. I will always accept & appreciate her high frequency energy medicine that she calls juice!”

– Mary Anne P. | Clearwater, Florida

Something Is Shifting Within

“I’m happy for the work and the session notes, especially about the throat chakra. Yay !! Because my understanding is that something is shifting within. Indeed, this week I had a awareness of countless situations of my past where I did not feel safe to use my voice to express anything important to me. Not speaking (loud) was a way of hiding as well. I’m on my (high)way to freedom thanks to you. Thanks. Thanks. By the way I want to let you know that my kids told me that I was happy, laughing like never before. What else is possible?”

– S.G, Atlanta Georgia

Just Listening Had A Healing Effect On Me

Experiencing Alison J. Kay’s energy healing work was like Jesus Christ had jumped inside of her body and said, to me, get up and walk!!! LISTENING TO ALISON TALK DURING THE FINANCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS GATHERING, I WAS HEALED!!! It was SURREAL and AMAZING!!! For reasons tied to seeing my sister be sexually abused, for years, during our childhood, and then my own self imposed limitations when I became religious, I was unable to find a comfort zone in the way I walked. When I was younger, I would try to get my rhythm together and walk sexy, but, it was a major effort, and my walk felt detached, and never felt like me. When I became religious, I tried to not walk sexy so that I wouldn’t be a sex object to anyone other than my husband LOL… It was a constant reminder that something in me wasn’t right, wasn’t free.  But, after listening to Alison talk about how her words carry a healing vibrational frequency, the root chakra, sexual trauma, and a person feeling safe in her body, this 20+ yr. issue was GONE!!! When I parked my car, that day, and got out of my car, suddenly, I noticed as I began to walk, that it appeared as if I had new hip joints, they seemed loose and free, my legs even extended back much further when I walked. I had a stride. It felt like I had a new body!!! It was like I had finally found the body where my spirit belonged, or finally set my spirit free to be in my body. For the 1st time since I became aware, I was walking comfortably, and have a walk that’s my own.

Gratitude for the amazing call tonight!

“Dear and beautiful Alison I want to express my gratitude for the amazing call tonight!  I was on last month and I have experienced and amazing change on how I felt and react towards everything!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sending you lots and lots of love! I do want to you to know that I felt the release and have seen the results.”

– K.A. Sydney, Australia

I'm twinkly from head to toe

“OMG Sister!!! I just finished listening to the replay and my whole body from head to toe is twinkly!!!”

You Fixed My Back

“You fixed my back! There’s no more problem! Thank you! And I got a raise at work! And I am having an easier time telling people no. So wow, has life changed from working with you – and in all the ways I was hoping. Look at me! I’m so happy!”

Chronic Colon Issues Fixed After First Visit

“So as an update for you here is some information on the effects after our session. Sorry this will be a little explicit given the issue we were addressing 🙂 Almost immediately after I got home from the session I had to use the bathroom for a bowel movement which never happens for me in the evening. When I woke up the next day i decided to stay home from work because I just felt low energy and not myself and I am so glad that I did! No kidding I must have had about 10 or 12 bowel movements so the energy was definitely clearing out old stuff. I woke up this morning feeling more energy than I have in awhile and also noticed that the tightness and pain in my hips, knees and ankles was gone! I’m so relieved! I am more than happy to be a testimony to the effectiveness of the energies you work with and the genuineness of the service you provide.  As a ‘newbie,’ so to speak, in this area of spirituality I am still learning what is from truth and therefore beneficial on my path and what is not. I am happy to provide validation to others in my position, as a guide for them and to support you in the services you provide.”

-J.E. Clearwater, Florida

Most All Encompassing Holistic Healing Ever Experienced

After signing up I took a look at your credentials and that’s when I knew for sure you were the right person for me. Rather than specializing in just mind or body or spirit, you have actual degrees from each of those fields. It’s truly the most all encompassing holistic healing I’ve ever experienced. I feel like this experience has been fun and easy and at the end of this road will be the truth of the me that I be. Thank you for helping me finally achieve this!”

– A. Kero, New York City

USAF veteran improves/eliminates painful post-accident symptoms

I am a USAF veteran that had a severe car accident 32 years ago. I was in a coma for 19 days and once I awoke I didn’t recognize my Mom or anyone else. My injuries that I am now able to handle and deal with because of Wendy, who introduced me to you and your wonderful energy work.

Thanks before I explain further some of the benefits I’ve experienced over the four years that I’ve been attending your Wednesday night Class at Wendyfit Yoga/Pilates Studio in Oldsmar, FL.

For nearly everyday since my car accident in 1986 I would have serious bad headaches which were debiletating, as well as serious Sinusitus which nearly killed me 3 times, but due to Good care at Bay Pines VA hospital I survived.

After I had been studying and practicing Yoga with Wendy O’lenic for 11 years I met you and began these weekly session with you and within a month to a month and a half after we started to work together, I began to tune into you monthly free clearing calls from which I learned ways to managed and eliminate my Sinus Headaches and other bad symptoms. That is my success over four years with Dr Alison J. Kay.

God Bless you always, Danny Rosa

Skeptic Seeing Undeniable Results

“I don’t know what it is.  I don’t understand it.  And if you asked me years ago about this energy stuff I’d be one of the ones skeptical and disbelieving.  But something is happening and I feel good and others are noticing too.  And this I know.  There is something going on here.”

– C.C. (owner) White Orchid Yoga Studio/ Clearwater, FL

No More Anti-depressants

“The six months I’ve been in treatment have been great for my well being, I’m calmer and more peaceful; have a clearer understanding on how to create a better life for myself and I have you to thank.”

– R.M. Interior Designer/ Miami & L.A.

Dramatic Shifts After Two Sessions

“Dr. Alison Kay provides a unique and safe healing space and is able to channel some of the purest energy that I have ever felt from a Reiki practitioner. Within one week, I felt dramatic shifts and after two sessions, my life has gone from stagnant and stuck to stimulated, shimmering, moving and balanced. I feel like the doorway has finally opened for the strong, focused warrior within to emerge. Thank you Alison!”


I Saw Results within 24 Hours!

“Alison is truly a gifted healer and I saw immediate results within less than 24 hours! Please please please inquire with her about her techniques, her intuitiveness, and her art – she is truly a blasted healer (able to blast the light, or chi, or life force energy) and I am blessed to have her in my life.”

– Colby P. – Dunedin, Florida

Alison's Teaching Goes Deeper Than Others

“I had taken several classes on meditation before but Alison’s class was the first one I’ve taken that taught specific methods and examples on detachment from the mind.  It was different in that regard and it allowed me to go deeper down the path of mind training & spiritual discipline.”

– Gonzalo L. – Tampa, FL

I Turned A Profit of $10K For My Business

“Since I’ve been working with Alison, I’ve been able to make the business I work for turn a profit of $10,000 for the first time in 14 years!”

– D.B. / Massachusetts

I Feel Like Myself Again

“I don’t understand it but I know that I have more energy after and feel like myself again.”

– Joan T / Los Angeles

Within A Month I Got My Dream Job

“I attended Alison’s Thetahealing workshop for healing blocks with prosperity, joy and abundance. My whole attitude and perspective of life has transformed since this healing.  Within a month I started working at my dream job as a chelation IV therapy nurse.  I now see the economy, too, and my life as prosperous and abundant.”

– Jennifer R. / Tarpon Springs

It's Been An Experience Like No Other

“I’ve been working with Alison for over a year and a half attending group sessions & one-on-ones monthly. My life has shifted to more positive everything; work, love, money, relationships, physical health. I got a more desirable position at work. And I started loving my career again.

My dating life has improved dramatically. I’ve been the ‘one date wonder’ for way too many years (I’m embarrassed to say how long). Over time that went to two dates, then four dates, one month, then two months, you get my drift. I’m now currently in a relationship.

With money, I’ve never had enough. Every extra cent went to some sort of house or car or pet emergency. That’s changed to having enough without emergencies. Recently I was gifted a very large gift, and opportunities to make more money (which I jumped on!).

When I first started seeing Alison, I wasn’t able to lose weight. I’ve been dieting for years, and I’d gain, but never lose. I’ve since lost 35 lbs (and counting).

Also I was diagnosed with a nerve disorder in my brain about 11 years ago, and a few months ago I made the move to come off the debilitating medicine with success so far! Even my massage therapist sees a drastic difference, which she credits the energy work I do with Alison. It’s been an experience like no other.”

– Lori P. Dunedin, FL

Beyond My Expectations

“Alison I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing energy session. Your skills are beyond any I have ever known. I’ve met a lot who claim to have great abilities but the treatments end up being just ‘okay’. Yours was way beyond what I expected and that was a wonderful surprise!”

…. Just wanted to let you know that since our session two days ago, two people have contacted me to do work for them! I had been creating an ad, but I haven’t even been able to put it up yet because so much else has been happening!  It’s hilarious. I soooooooooo know how the universe works, and it’s so easy to forget! Thanks so much for the clearing work!”

– Bonnie Dye, Clearwater, FL

A Sense of Joy Is Emerging

“My husband of 61 years and I are in the process of creating a joyful new life for ourselves. This could never have happened without the magical clearing sessions we’d had with Alison for the past 9 months. A sense of self-worth, joy, love, and creativity is emerging.

Our marriage has been hinged together by deep emotional disturbances I have experienced since marrying him and  blamed him in the process. He then would absorb my anger filling me with remorse. This hopeless cycle has continued through the birth of our four children, and on in to our 8th decade.

I have seen many therapists and each one has brought me closer to where I am today.- experiencing a deep sense of self realization. Through Alison’s deep, joyful and total commitment to her belief that something new and very exciting and wonderful is happening to/in our universe she has created the space in her life, in her relationships, in her healing room for this energy to be manifested.  Darkness, fear looms all around us yet she is able to bring forth the hidden true me by helping me to access my unconscious self and let go of the false numbing past messages. A sense of self worth, joy, love and creativity is emerging and the wonderful spin off from this is that my husband is also experiencing relief.

I have noticed a new awareness emerging in his demeanor. I saw this in his face  the first time Alison gave him a 20 minute special at a health fair where we met her. He seems more attentive to me, more willing to do his share of some of the menial household duties. Definitely he is not absorbing my rage, which erupts and is gone. He too is feeling more able to be himself. Neither of us realized the dark baggage he was holding on to these many, many years. As I said it  really is quite magical and only  can be understood by experiencing it. I love and admire Alison and as I read the testimonies written by her students years ago, I am ever more reminded of her so very special gifts of awakening  the very special, unique SELF in each of us – so desperately needed in our awakening universe.”

– Gwynn Kelley, Clearwater, FL

Enhances My Meditation Experience

“Even though I’ve been a meditator and student of Eastern Philosophy for many years, Alison was able to impart to me information and knowledge that has enhanced my meditation experiences and practice.  She is a gifted teacher and shinning example of how meditation can enrich a person’s life.”

It Feels Like A Miracle

“I worked my whole life in the medical field then OOPS! I was in two car accidents! Unable to work I did the usual physical therapies, surgeries, etc until the doctors could do no more. I gave the holistic way a try and met Dr. Kay. She did her treatments on me and guess what? I felt great and to this day I can sleep in my bed. I feel like it’s been a miracle.”

I Wasn't Attached To Negative Thoughts Anymore

“I used to look out into the world like I was in a prison, thinking I’d not be able to come out and play.  After the first 5 sessions with Alison, I attended a social gathering and those same old thoughts came up that used to torment me but I was able to just ignore them. They had no hold on me, like I wasn’t attached to them anymore. I can’t go back to the past energies, now that I’ve had this taste of freedom. There’s nothing holding me back from following my bliss now!”

– Christa

Things Changed For Me Immeditately

“After my first session with Dr. Kay I was hooked! Listening to her ThetaHealing for Success after signing up for her email newsletter was a new experience for me and after the 45 minute call my neck and shoulder pain had disappeared! I immediately signed up for more of this Group ThetaHealing Tuesday pm Call because it works!

These next 4 weeks there were 4 different calls and I listened to them while going to sleep, for someone like me that not only has a hard time falling asleep but also wakes up in the middle of the night…..these calls work! I can sleep and stay asleep all night long and also have the healing calls help me while I am sleeping. Anyway THANK YOU!!!

I fall sleep to these every night and I sleep like a ROCK!! I don’t need to take my ‘stress & anxiety night time’ pill anymore.

Thank you Dr. Kay 🙂

Much Love, Denise Dominguez

Worked as a Reiki Master & w/ Energy for a long time, never experienced such rapid shifts within 2 weeks!

I cannot thank you enough for your work. In 2 weeks, so much has shifted and all of a sudden victim mentality came up without any reason. When I questioned myself, I realised that was releasing today. I am a Reiki Master and have been working with the energies for a long time. How this has cleared in a very short time I am so so grateful and looking forward to witnessing more.

Thank you so much🙏🙏🙏

Kirija Thavapalan, Sydney, Australia
Member of Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow Signature Program

Felt an instantaneous vibrational upgrade upon just opening the email with replay link; felt Intoxicated, high after listening

Wow! I felt like a little girl in Christmas morning opening up the link to the STOP Your Shutdown replay. I FELT instanteous vibrational upgrade…

I have to tell you as soon as I clicked the link to play it, and you started speaking, the lamp on the end table next to me Shut on and off three times from your energy. I am grateful and honored to finally be able to purchase a program with you. I’m very humbled. I felt a lot of changes going on. I was yawning got very sleepy & tingling. I’m kind of can I say, intoxicated & High. I just wanted to thank you because I know that major positive changes are on their way to me because of being able to work with you. I just want to say again thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

Blessings! Patricia

Continued Distance Healing Healed Myself & My 83 Year Old Grandma!

Thank you for your continued distance healing of myself & Grandma Joan Smith, the oldest COVID survivor I know at 83!

The summer I have started sun gazing as part of my earthing & nature has been good to me in my healing Journey.

I turned 36 this month & wanted to thank you all as I couldn’t have done it without energy healers as I was dying last year.

Brian Smith



This 20-minute Audio Includes Energetic Clearings, Transmissions and Activations to Help You Get Unstuck, So You Can Reach Your Next Level of Success (A $47 Value, Yours FREE)

Simply Enter Your Details Below to Receive the Free Gift MP3:

*Fill out the form & you will get access to a free downloadable audio file + receive our special community moon timed newsletters & access to the FREE Monthly Vibrational UPgrade Group Clearings & Activations Event