Woohooo! It was so amazing to see all the people who joined in to this LIVE clearings, activations and transmission for 12/12 gateway & full moon.

Focus, abundance, and increased alignment with their higher self  & source’s will to decrease their ego-mind’s smaller will to make it easier for them to manifest what they desire and an activation for their new life, a specially activated tool to help decrease their self-talk taking them back to the old patterns and old version of self as well as an activation for abundance and another for a desired outcome of their choosing is all on this Facebook live.

If you missed it, you can watch below and make sure to comment and participate in all the Vibrational UPgrade connection here on the blog by commenting under the post AND by joining our free Facebook community of like-minded expansive people.

Enjoy! & See you tomorrow for the next 12-Days of Reasonable Dragons. We will be on Day 5 🙂

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