Book – What if There’s Nothing Wrong?

What if There’s Nothing Wrong?

By Alison J Kay, PhD


Have you been feeling like life has become less? Less reliable, safe, and stable? Are you looking for more from life? More authenticity, more hope, more meaning, more health, more love, more feeling safe and/or more calm in your life? You’re not alone. There are external factors causing these feelings. You will be completely unable to remain the same as this book weaves you through the world as we have known it, into a world where anything is possible! No stone is left unturned through this thoroughly researched exploration of mostly unexamined factors inherent to Western society that set us up to feel more uncomfortable at this time on our planet, particularly in the West, especially in the U.S., as we undergo a macroshift globally.


Written in the last year of her 10 years living and working in Asia – she left two months before 9/11 and returned two years into Obama’s first administration – after studying subtle energy practices they have in the East that aren’t in the West, this book explores what we can gain from their paradigm that our paradigm in the West lacks. What if There’s Nothing Wrong? was also written to help understand why it seems now for those in the West, especially in the U.S., that we’ve been less equipped recently to create vibrantly healthy, happy lives. Alison J. Kay, Phd, documents an eye-opening, sometimes humorous, sometimes raw contrast of modern, globalized, Western culture with Asian. Feel the freedom as she gently guides you to more ease!


Approached through examining our scientific tradition from its inception with its split from the Church, up through the quantum physics’ discovery that energy is primary and not matter – while our mainstream science nor society still does not live from that – and into the current revolution going on within the new sciences, and then contrasted to the practices they have in Asia, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? presents, ultimately, the “proof” of how our thoughts & beliefs – consciousness – create our bodies’ health, well-being and our reality, how using these tools will help us in the exact ways we currently need to restore meaning, health and vitality to our lives, along with some of the basic, proven tools through which we can successfully manage our minds, subconscious and unconscious blocks and emotional challenges so we can move beyond struggle, survival and into thriving with robust vibrance and enthusiasm to create our best lives ever! What else is possible?


Because what if there were a great energy force accessible that ignites the connection of your body, your mind and your own consciousness, that if tuned into could literally change your life and health into something spectacular? The time has come to learn that it is here now and it is yours for the taking. This book will weave you through the world as we have known it , into a world where anything is possible!


Alison J Kay, PhD, is commonly referred to as a lightning bolt, “You’re like a wall circuit of energy. It feels like I come to you to get plugged in.” Let Alison take you with her as she looks at our scientific viewpoints, with our constant need to have everything appear rational, orderly, explained and proven, and then on into our new possibilities: the other systems of thought that you can access and tune into, your own authentic power to create your new, amazing existence! This book is a transmission to you from Alison, energetically encoded and written in a style to give you an experience as you go through the book, rather than a mind to mind, cognitive engagement of the mechanics of thinking, concluding, judging, categorizing and labeling. Are you ready!?


With this book your world will change so get ready!  You get 2 free downloads of an interview with John Robbins, grandfather of the food revolution movement and author of that same book and Diet For A New America, as well as an interview with Dr. William Tiller, once a dpt chair of Materials Science at Stanford who left mainstream science to explore and create Psychoenergetic Science, who explains the science behind consciousness.

You will get access to Alison’s online radio show where she does free Thetahealings™ for clearing emotional and subconscious blocks, as well as give free holistic tips and tools for Creating Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?  With guests like David Wolfe, Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D., Krishna Das and a host of others in a cross section of fields your world will begin to make much more sense!  So come and play and watch yourself create a life and world where there is in fact, nothing wrong.

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