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Amplifying Your Genius: Interview with Tina Brinkley Potts.
During this full moon that is a supermoon weekend, where our moon the next day is going to be the closest it has been to the earth in 60 years and the closest it’s going to be to earth, says NASA, this entire century, we are under the influence of energetics supportive of releasing anything we’ve been knowing we need to, and desiring to, but just haven’t been able to. So now is the time.

This interview enhances the release of old, dysfunctional beliefs you may have about business practices and marketing and who you have to be in order to create the life and business and income you desire. Tina Brinkley Potts gives loads of real-life examples that anyone who does any marketing or advertising for their business, or anyone wanting a different way to earn income, or anyone looking for living an inspired life, can benefit from. From working Facebook ads to living your genius, this is a show that will inform while leave you warm and fuzzy, and ready to get started with that new leg in your life you’ve been desiring to initiate.