Welcome to YOUR FREE Open The Drawbridge Call

THIS IS Part 1 of the 4-part Scheduling Process

Thank you for taking this important step towards living the life you want to be living & are meant to be opening up to now! 

In order to lock in your appointment with one of our amazing Vibrational UPgrade™ Team members, there are 4 important steps to be taken. Please read through and take each step listed below so you can be fully supported. 

STEP 1) Fill out the application & click submit.

STEP 2) If your application has been approved the next page contains the scheduler.  The software will provide you with the next available slots open in my calendar for your Open The Drawbridge Call so you can choose an appointment that works for both of us. *These slots get scooped up quickly and if you do not see any slots available no worries simply email us at support@alisonjkay.com.

STEP 3) After you have scheduled your call there are 2 important steps to take.

1. Add the call to your calendars with reminders.

2. Listen to the IMPORTANT free gifts sent via email. If you can’t listen at this moment make sure to listen within the next 24-hours as this is an important part of your scheduling process.

STEP 4) Don’t be a jerk please! Being stood up is the worst, right!? So, please honor your commitment here and plan to show up on time, and in a quiet area at the time of your appointment.

During these 4 steps and the moment you fill out the application, Vibrational UPgrade™ is supporting you towards walking over the Drawbridge into soaring beyond what you have manifested thus far… Everything IS possible! See you on the other side!