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This is a 2-day workshop, both Saturday August 29th and Sunday August 30th from 2-5pm

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Dr. Alison J Kay has created her own blend of transforming subtle energies with her exclusive new Chakra Flow Energy Medicine, using her 10 years spent in Asia studying subtle energies and her 20 years in the holistic health & wellness field.  She has now formally begun teaching her Chakra Flow Energy Medicine; each level of training is coupled with a qualifying vibrational upgrade using pure form Usui Reiki Levels I,II, and Master Certification Program, accordingly.  Dr. Kay is only 7 removed from the founder of Usui Reiki, Dr. Usui himself.

This training has come about at the urging of her students and clients who have personally experienced her instruction on the vast, seemingly mysterious realm of the invisible, intangible subtle energies – or chi, or consciousness – and claiming that they finally understand what they’ve been studying for years and/or decades.  Dr. Kay is fast becoming known as the “teacher of teachers and practitioners” in this field.

You won’t find this kind of in depth training anywhere else and the way Alison incorporates her intimate knowledge of the chakras is what sets these as a cut above the rest.   This program will provide you with THE MOST advanced vibrational attunements and practical techniques that translate into YOU having greater success in your practice and increasing your client’s positive outcomes as well.

Other Reiki trainings will deliver the basics, but Alison’s training elevates it to a whole new level – what many of her students consider “the holy grail”.

As a student of this program, you will receive personalized, clear instruction as Dr. Kay is also a trained classroom teacher (and department chair for 12 years) and it’s delivered according to the way each student learns best.  Engaging in this method of teaching makes a big difference, and is one of the most frequently expressed forms of gratitude that Dr. Kay’s students share – as seen in the testimonials below.

Often students convey that they finally understand something they’ve been studying for years due to the way Alison breaks down the advanced topics into manageable chunks. She paces her students in over 6 hours of class time during each 2-day certification period continuing to build from the basics into the advanced which are clearly understood by the end of each training level.