energy in our handsI am SO very thrilled to be able to offer you all digital products in the store at @ a brilliant 25% discount. I was going to do a %50 discount, but my business manager gave me that tone…So here you go! Use the coupon code thanks at the check out on any & all digital products and see that $ knocked off. The ones I have listed here below are my favorites & are specifically the products that I have seen & heard from customers/clients/students that have rocked their worlds – and still continue to as they listen even years later to them still! – and changed their lives beyond what they had even imagined was possible when they purchased them. So here goes, my favorite is the first one, it’s the core curriculum so to speak….but the second is just full of raw power that gets unleashed for your benefit!


chakra flow energy series


Clear The Hidden Unconscious & Subconscious Programs
Blocking You At Each Of The 7 Chakra Levels So You Can Feel
Lighter, Brighter, More Free and Vibrant, and More Like Yourself Again!






sensitivity is your power




Personal note from Alison: I still remain in awe of what came through during this tele-call series that ended up as this product, and how far it took the folks.

I thought we were going to deal mostly with being empathic & intuitive and how to turn that around from being a possible hindrance on into you fully understanding how to use this to your advantage. Now we did do this, and then it went on from there to learning how to – and activating you to – access your intuition more skillfully and readily on into the path of becoming enligthened – and activating you to. It was some of the strongest teaching I’ve ever done and it surprised all of us with this special, charmed, direct essence that blasted through. We started with clearing the little talked about if at all (I am, frankly, the only one I have heard identify these particular blocks of unconscious beliefs that cause someone to unconsciously be programmed to absorb negative energy, or to take on others’ energy, or to be “the cleaner” of all negative energy, on into what would make someone be a “helper bee.” Please consider, if you’re looking to advance in this particluar way, purchasing this product for you and anyone you know who is wanting to get out from underneath this pattern, permanently. It is time for the softer, loving folks to be able to allow yourselves to be treated the way you go around treating everyone else!