Dr. Alison J. Kay is an Award-Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System.

Enjoy 1 or ALL of her profound books on the science of energies that include practical tips, awarenesses and stories about how her unique Vibrational UPgrade™ system has helped others thrive in mind, body and spirit.

Books Authored By Dr. Alison J Kay

This book takes you on a fun journey of a woman’s path to power. In this story a woman travels internationally to a retreat to be trained in energy medicine. While embarked on her journey she is taken to sacred sites and stone circles and learns how to work with them all, as well as dragons, to help the earth and humanity. Particularly unique is that it is a female spiritual teacher transmitting the secrets of the ancient power mysteries.

Specifically geared towards women looking to attain their fullest potential, learning to live in the possibilities rather than problem solving and being restricted to task lists. Topics such as: love, money, sex, body image, collaborating instead of competing, relationship harmony, protection, dealing with bullies, fashion, intuition, anxiety, and so much

Within the covers you will also discover teachings for men. They are often in attendance at these retreats. This is a handbook for anyone looking to not only navigate living in today’s changing world, but to develop a new perspective on the changes, and learn how best to embrace the new opportunities.



The heart has its own field of consciousness, and it is vast. As a thirty-year student of consciousness, Dr. Alison J. Kay wrote “Reasonable Dragons” for you to see and feel the magical capacities that are becoming re-awakened now, as we move out of the Age of Reason and into the Age of Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening—for a synergistic blend of ancient wisdom and the new sciences.



Through study and application, Dr. Alison has learned how the chakra system reveals the keys to health and happiness. With Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening upon us, this ancient system is more relevant now than ever before. As Dr. Alison shares stories from her clients’ personal transformations, the metaphysical is grounded into the physical for your benefit.
Have you been feeling like life has become less reliable and stable? Are you looking for more hope, health, and calm in your life? You’re not alone. There are external factors causing these feelings. You will be completely unable to remain the same as this book weaves you through the world as we have known it, into a world where anything is possible!

Books Contributed To With Dr. Alison J Kay

Dr. Alison J Kay is featured in this #1 International Best-Selling 2020 breakout about the journal as a sacred place. Here you can capture and foster your most creative thoughts and inspired ideas. Some of the finest minds and biggest hearts in the world of empowerment come together in this book to encourage you daily to realize your greatest vision. 
“Transform Your Life!” – Published August 2014 Dr. Alison was honored to have contributed the final chapter of the book called, “Awake, Alive and Ready to Thrive” in Section VIII “Spiritual Awakening”. She was specifically asked to write the final chapter which served to bring all the other information in the book all together.
“Manifest Change: Stop Wanting, Start Having” – Published April 2014 by Happy Publishing with Erica Glessing Dr. Alison contributed a chapter in this book called “Invisible – So It’s not Powerful? No Way I Say!”
We are taught to “figure out” the best strategies, to “work hard,” and that discipline is necessary because struggle is inevitable.

That creates a sensation of pushing against life to make things happen.

what if it were EASIER than that?

We are now living in a time where we’re learning how to match up with the Universal Life Force instead of pushing against it. And in fact, that’s the old paradigm which is crumbling.

can you feel it?

Imagine you can let go of the demanding ego mind and surrender to the Field of Possibilities.

it all begins with your intuition…

There IS a BIGGER LIFE available for you right now, that includes a massive dose of JOY, you just need to match your energy to the INVITATION & tune into the INTUITIVE Vibrational System you are!