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Dr. Alison J Kay has created her own blend of transforming subtle energies with her exclusive new Chakra Flow Energy Medicine, using her 10 years spent in Asia studying subtle energies and her 20 years in the holistic health & wellness field.  She has now formally begun teaching her Chakra Flow Energy Medicine; each level of training is coupled with a qualifying vibrational upgrade using pure form Usui Reiki Levels I,II, and Master Certification Program, accordingly.  Dr. Kay is only 6 removed from the founder of Usui Reiki, Dr. Usui himself.

This training has come about at the urging of her students and clients who have personally experienced her instruction on the vast, seemingly mysterious realm of the invisible, intangible subtle energies – or chi, or consciousness – and claiming that they finally understand what they’ve been studying for years and/or decades.  Dr. Kay is fast becoming known as the “teacher of teachers and practitioners” in this field.

You won’t find this kind of in depth training anywhere else and the way Alison incorporates her intimate knowledge of the chakras is what sets these as a cut above the rest.   This program will provide you with THE MOST advanced vibrational attunements and practical techniques that translate into YOU having greater success in your practice and increasing your client’s positive outcomes as well.

Other Reiki trainings will deliver the basics, but Alison’s training elevates it to a whole new level – what many of her students consider “the holy grail”.

As a student of this program, you will receive personalized, clear instruction as Dr. Kay is also a trained classroom teacher (and department chair for 12 years) and it’s delivered according to the way each student learns best.  Engaging in this method of teaching makes a big difference, and is one of the most frequently expressed forms of gratitude that Dr. Kay’s students share – as seen in the testimonials below.

Often students convey that they finally understand something they’ve been studying for years due to the way Alison breaks down the advanced topics into manageable chunks. She paces her students in over 6 hours of class time during each 2-day certification period continuing to build from the basics into the advanced which are clearly understood by the end of each training level.


[important]What Makes This Certification Program Different From Traditional Reiki Trainings?[/important]

There are several key factors that make her program stand out.  First and foremost is the immeasurable benefit you receive from being trained by Dr. Kay herself who spent 10 years directly studying the subtle energies from the masters in Asia, Thailand and Taiwan.  She then returned to the States where she resumed her own successful practice of nearly 20 years with thousands of clients from around the world.

Second, it’s the unique, in depth, clear instruction you will acquire about how the subtle energy and chakra flow systems work within the human mind-body-spirit system plus the hands-on individual vibrational attunements and upgrades received directly from Dr. Kay.energy_hands

Thirdly, as you will be interacting with Alison (who is widely known to “walk her talk, and live her work”), the vibrational entrainment that you will be immersed in is actively being modeled for you giving you a feeling of well-being and safety due to the authenticity to these teachings and natural elegance to the process that she is clearly cultivating for you.

This last point is why many people travel from around the country and world to work with Dr. Kay… they know her teachings are genuine, her vibration is authentic to her teachings, and the power of this gets translated to each student and client. Another difference is what Alison will teach you beyond the Reiki training, which includes the integration of her own healing modality Chakra Flow Energy Medicine which are detailed on the Level I and Level II pages.

You will NOT be able to leave as the same person you arrived as.

The direct transmission of life-changing vibrational attunements, and pure lineage (only 6 removed from the discoverer of Reiki himself, Dr. Usui) plus the highly regarded foundational and advanced Chakra Flow training received from Dr. Kay will provide a quantum leap for you in your own spiritual evolution.

[important]The Benefits of Receiving This Certification for Your Professional Training[/important]

  • You will now be able to become a practitioner of Reiki, opening up your own practice should you desire.
  • If you are already a practitioner, this training will greatly enhance the positive outcomes on behalf of your clients, as you will be vastly upgraded vibrationally, opened and calling forth an abundance of chi, prana, or life force energy for their beneficial outcomes.
  • You will also be more connected to the innate overall flows of energy in the universe, all around us, and within yourself so you will be immersed within a flow of abundance.
  • CEU’s for massage therapists are available upon request. Arrangements must be made with Alison prior to the start of the training.
  • When you have completed each level of the training, you will be presented with a certificate appropriate to your level.

If you’re interested in becoming a student and receiving personal training and attunements from Dr. Kay, please read through the descriptions below to determine which level of the program is right for you and then follow the link for more information about how to register.


[important]How To Determine Which Training Level Is Right For You[/important]



Reiki Level I Certification with Chakra Flow Energy Medicine Training

This training is for you if:

  • You simply desire to make a quantum leap, or breakthrough with your own spiritual awakening
  • You have always had an interest in learning Reiki for yourself and/or your loved ones AND you have never taken a class before with Alison or any other instructor
  • You have the desire to add Chakra Flow Energy Medicine techniques into your existing practice AND you are already Certified in Reiki Level I, but want the experience of Alison’s complete training plus her vibrational attunements


>>>  Learn More About the Level I Training and How to Register






 Reiki Level II Certification with Chakra Flow Energy Medicine Training

This training is for you if:

  • You simply desire to make a quantum leap, or breakthrough with your own spiritual awakening
  • You have previously completed the prerequisite Reiki Level I class with Alison and have received her vibrational attunements OR you are certified in Reiki at any other Level (I, II, or Master) with another instructor and have submitted the Level II Prerequisite Assessment Form.
  • You are a Reiki Master yourself and you would like to receive a high vibrational edge and boost your practice & learn to incorporate the chakras into your sessions in a real, practical and effective way to realize greater outcomes for your clients.



>>> Learn More About the Level II Training and How to Register



*NOTE: The Master Certification Program is COMING SOON!


You will leave KNOWING with an EMBODIED connection, the life force in all of life all around you.  These trainings will strongly impact your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, no matter your prior level of training nor certification, so all are welcome.


Previous students have said Dr. Kay’s Reiki attunements are like being plugged into a high voltage battery, so no matter your level of experience, you will receive a MASSIVE vibrational upgrade from these HIGH frequency attunements and life-changing understandings.

 “Dr. Kay really presents the chakra system & energy flows in a way that will make clear to you your life’s challenges – whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – as they energy pattern it is & as it effects your physical, mental & emotional well-being.  This self-awareness and the tools and treatments she then offers to support the clearing of these energy patterns is simply awe inspiring.  Her work is excellent!” many telesummit & talk show radio hosts & their guests & Dr. Kay’s clients… AND: “I’ve been taking Chi Gong for years and I have never understood it until now, in this first session with you.  Thank you!” ~Harvey, Energy Healer, St. Pete



OM-Reiki-flyerDr. Alison J. Kay is taking her years of studying subtle energy in Asia – including becoming a Chi Gong teacher and an India trained Yoga Aliiance Registered Yoga & Meditation teacher – her 20+ years in the energy medicine/energy healing, holistic health, health & wellness industry (a Certified Personal Trainer w/a Specialist Certification in Fitness Nutrition), her many keynote and signature talks and media interviews, her authoring of the book What If There’s Nothing Wrong? and the wisdom gleaned from colleagues throughout these fields of consciousness and health & wellness during her 2 years hosting a hugely popular talk show, “Create Your Best Life EVER!” (i.e. Dr. Bruce Lipton) AND most importantly – the thousands of successful outcomes with her clients from around the globe! She has been compiling all of this wisdom into this new Chakra Flow Energy Medicine.