Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being on Jessica Ancaya, The Holistic Keto Goddess’ podcast. Our conversation went over chakra healing basics, how to unlock your chakras, and my programs like Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow, my signature program.

It was such a wonderful time, Jessica was a very welcoming host with such a strong energy! We dove into how beginners can get into learning more about themselves through chakra training, and common mistakes beginners can fall for through training. If you have ever wanted to unlock your chakras, or if you’ve ever been curious, I highly recommend watching our conversation!

In Dragon Master Creatrix, I talk about how we are born with two or three core patterns in our behavior and personality, that’s how we see it, but it’s actually in our soul. And we can take this or leave this, I sense in some way shape or form, some assessment of us at a soul level before the body reincarnates, we still need to learn as a soul.

Alison J. Kay, PhD

I hope to be on Jessica’s podcast again very soon, please feel free to watch our episode!