Clear The Hidden Unconscious & Subconscious Programs Blocking You at Each of the 7 Chakra Levels So You Can Feel Lighter, Brighter, More Free and Vibrant, and More Like Yourself Again!

The chakras are the intersections of mind, body and spirit within your body, and as New Science has been discovering, and the ancients have always known, your chakras hold the biggest concentrations of nerve plexi and the subtle energy system that runs through each of the 7 chakras is what allows for increased levels of health, wealth, and well-being to be experienced.

The more open and balanced your chakras are, the more life force energy – juice for life – flows throughout your body.

In this audio series, Dr. Alison has recorded a very special six call workshop on what is considered her specialty — catalyzing transformation, wellness, vitality, and spiritual evolution through aligning your body’s chakra system.

Dr. Alison uniquely presents vital information along with her exclusive healing technique in an easy to understand way that marries the metaphysical & spiritual.

She has a deep understanding of the detriment that we in the West are experiencing because we largely ignore the fundamental role that subtle energies play in determining whether we just survive or truly thrive!

The ease of it’s movement throughout our body’s chakra system is the key to thriving with vitality, health, physical and mental well-being and also serves as a road map for our evolution at both the unconscious level and soul level.


These audios are for you if:

  • You feel like you’ve done all this clearing work around a certain issue but are still facing it and want to finally get unstuck and move on
  • You’re tired of struggling and you’re ready to open up to a bigger life with more ease
  • You’d like to learn more about how our mind and emotions affect our health & healing
  • You’re a holistic practitioner who wants to learn more about healing and the chakra system
  • You seek to develop the ability to draw boundaries while still remaining open to others; i.e., empathics
  • You’d like to work with Alison personally and just haven’t made it happen due to distance, time, money
  • You desire more vitality, joy, well-being, abundance, clarity, insight, intuitiveness, forgiveness, open-hearted interactions, sensual expression, and OVERALL JUICE FOR LIFE WITH OPEN ALIVENESS!

Chakra Attunement Descriptions & Downloads

At the start of each recording each chakra will be explained in new, practical, easy to understand terms so that you can see which beliefs correspond to which part of the body. You’ll better understand how your own personal beliefs and typical ways of thinking are creating the physical situations you’re experiencing and then the audio clearings gently dissolve the energetic blocks so that you are more in flow with all aspects of your life.

Normally a single session of Thetahealing™ for 60 min is valued at $100, and this series provides OVER SIX HOURS of clearings.  Dr. Alison is offering this complete work at an extremely deep 67% discount off the retail value and she considers this her “prescription” for inner transformation.  Listen to the audio samples below with each chakra description.


"I worked for 18 months with a very good acupuncturist on my high blood pressure with good results. But my blood pressure was still 10-15 points too high and I felt we made no further progress. Then I scheduled a couple of sessions with Alison (after regularly taking her Meditation & Chakra Yoga Class) and the results were amazing!  My blood pressure is back to normal.  I feel I have control over my life and health again after years of handing over the responsibility to doctors and acupuncturists.  I have found my real self again by working with Alison on clearing my chakras.  Thank you Alison!”

Keith Tarpon Springs, FL

“I’d been to a few local group ThetaHealing sessions with Alison and found them relaxing, meditative and a lovely way to clear my head of negative self-talk…  After listening to the Chakra Healing Audios, I could feel so many changes in myself and how I perceived the world around me.  I also felt part of the community Alison creates through the sessions, like time and distance didn’t matter in this realm of ThetaHealing, and that by joining with this group, my progress was greater than if I’d tried to do something alone.  I’d find myself noticing different things each time I’d listen, or having different memories come up and be cleared.  If I could describe to you what the series is like, it’s like listening to a comforting story of how your self-talk should sound; and the more you listen to the story, the more the story becomes your life, and the easier it is to move through your day with the confidence you were born to have.”

Trina Seminole, FL

"Dear Alison, This is so long overdue and my only excuse is that the miracles are happening so fast that I’m running to keep up!!  Ever since I ordered the Chakra Attunement audios in early Nov. I’ve been listening to those alone and every aspect of my life has changed for the better!  It’s kept me busy seeing more and more ways to change things for the better. I was way overdue for a tune up! I am hoping to jump into a weekly call soon and share. Just wanted to get off a quick “Thank You” before any more time lapsed! Love, Hugs and Gratitude!"

Janna Day Big Bear Lake, CA

"Back in October I was hospitalized for the first time in my life was a very sensitive condition that resulted into very sensitive surgeries. It’s been a long time of healing I have had a lot of soreness tenderness and internal trauma. I’ve known Alison out for a couple years and right after coming out of the hospital I received a second chakra clearing from her I woke up the next day feeling 75% better finally able to move around a little with ease with minimal pain. A month later I received a second 2nd chakra clearing and healing from Alison resulting in waking up the next morning finally pain-free. She is truly a gifted healer and I saw immediate results within less than 24 hours! Please please please inquire with her about her techniques, her intuitiveness, and her art – she is truly a blasted healer (able to blast the light, or chi, or life force energy) and I am blessed to have her in my life."

Colby P. Dunedin, FL

 How to Use These Audios

  • After you download the file, you’ll receive the healing from the comfort of your own home, and can listen at your own timing
  • The more you often listen, the more healing you’ll receive at increasingly deeper levels
  • You can listen overnight at a low volume and the healing will continue as you sleep
  • The unfolding of all the clearing work will continue on for at least another 3 months after the you listen. Guaranteed you will not be able to remain the same afterwards!
  • You’ll become infused with the Usui Reiki Master vibration and Alison’s overall high vibration that has gained her the nickname “the lightning bolt” – this is as close as you can get to a one-on-one hands on or distant session with Alison

Click play for Dr. Alison's chakra listening suggestions & "prescription" for manifesting more money.

Dr. Alison’s personal lifestyle as a long-time vegetarian whose dedicated daily practice of both yoga and meditation keeps her own vibration high, clean and clear and is what largely contributes to making this among the most powerful energy medicine, or consciousness/vibration raising tools currently available and the first of its kind!


First Chakra Attunement

1st Chakra Attunement  –  ROOT – Muladhara in Sanskrit  means “root”

In this two-part recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 15 minutes of instruction on one file and 45 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.


Physical: obesity; clumsiness; feet and leg deformities, aches and pains, general issues; spinal alignment issues; foundational immune system disorders; eating disorders related to feeling of eating in a hoarding way, like there’s never enough; physical hoarding; abundance and financial issues, regardless of whether you have money or not – but feel it’s never enough or feel there isn’t enough, a.k.a, the lack paradigm

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: not having a connection with one’s body, not comfortable within one’s body or w/one’s body; walks into social settings, offices, groups and don’t ever feel like they belong or have the right to be there; not feeling safe and secure in one’s world and in our world, that there’s a constant threat to attend to; general fear

Key Traumas Cleared: traumas from physical abuse and neglect of basic needs growing up get cleared in this recording


Click PLAY to hear a sample

Second Chakra Attunement

2nd Chakra Attunement – SACRAL – Swadhisthana in Sanskrit means “sweetness”

In this two-part recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 15 minutes of instruction on one file and 45 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.



Physical: lack of flexibility in joints, sciatica, low back pain, knee issues, sexual organs’ dysfunction, sexual organs issues; sex life lacking; low energy, low vitality; disorders of adrenals & kidneys; menstrual issues; bladder disorders; flabby stomach

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: fear of change, not feeling like you have the right to feel the way you do so you withhold connection to, expression of and general valuing of your emotions as a source of information; self-sabotage as in every time you try to change that thing in your life you don’t seem to follow through; denial of pleasures in life; general guilt as a feeling you walk around with with no obvious explanation; lack of desire, excitement, passion for life; frigidity, fear of sex; stoicism, sense of self-denial; loss of thirst for life, lacking juiciness: doesn’t enjoy sensual pleasures in body and in life; perfectionism; excessive emotionality (hysteria, crisis junkies); sexual addictions; addiction to pleasure; seductive manipulation; poor boundaries/invasion of others

Key Traumas Cleared: traumas from emotional neglect, abandonment


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Third Chakra Attunement

3rd Chakra Attunement – SOLAR PLEXUS – Manipura in Sanskrit means “lustrous gem” ***This is a BIG BIG BIG one!

In this two-part recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 30 minutes of instruction on one file and 40 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.



Physical: acid reflux, anxious digestive disorders, ulcers digestive disorders; hypertension; hypoglycemia/diabetes; chronic fatigue, low energy, low vitality; eating disorders of all kinds; disorders of stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver; flabby stomach, being busy and productive, losing excess weight, overwhelm

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: lack of joy, sense of humor, playfulness, spontaneity, inner-child trust & ease; no sense of personal power; unable to meet challenges; victim mentality; blaming others; feels a general shame or ashamed of one’s self; don’t have the right to desire what you desire; unable to step out into the flow of life and take risks on behalf of one’s desires; passive towards life; fear of making mistakes; lack of appropriate self-discipline; manipulative, power hungry, deceitful; bad temper, angry outbursts; highly reactive; overly rebellious; narcissistic; irresponsible, unreliable; go go go without slowing down; over-achievement w/a sense of achievements prove one’s worth; stimulant over-use

Key Traumas Cleared: when one has had adult responsibilities put on you too young; emotional manipulation; fear of punishment; authoritative shaming of you

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Fourth Chakra Attunement

4th Chakra Attunement – HEART CHAKRA – Anahata in Sanskrit means “unstuck”

In this two-part recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 25 minutes of instruction on one file and 35 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.



Physical: tension between shoulder blades; tight and or sunken chest; disorders of the heart, breasts, lungs, thymus, arms; non-systemic immune system issues; circulatory system issues; asthma & other breathing issues; elbow issues

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: apathetic; lonely; depressed; lacking in self-love; lack of self-appreciation and self-approval; feeling separate and alone from all of life (from nature, other people, general life activity); feeling one lives in a cold, loveless environment; co-dependency; clinging need for love; balance of masculine and feminine within one’s self is off; overly projecting unrealistic expectations onto others in romantic situations; fear of intimacy; fear of getting hurt; fear of love; unable to feel comfortable examining one’s self and one’s behaviors w/the intention for growth & evolution; unacknowledged grief; divorce, death of a loved one; rejection issues; abandonment issues;  betrayal issues; unacknowledged grief; antisocial, withdrawn; judgmental, critical, intolerant

Key Traumas Cleared here: betrayal, rejection, abandonment, loss of a loved one (to whatever i.e. death, end of a relationship)


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Fifth Chakra Attunement

5th Chakra Attunement –  THROAT CHAKRA – Vissudha in Sanskrit means “purification”

In this two-part recording, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 30 minutes of instruction on one file and 40 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.


Physical: tight neck, tight traps/upper shoulders; chronic throat clearing; chronic throat colds or flu that hits throat first; disorders of the ears; lock jaw, tight jaw, tmj; thyroid issues

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: fear of public speaking; chronic/lifelong perception that one isn’t heard; chronic lying; secretive; not saying what one really feels or thinks; verbal abuse (abusee or abuser); constant yelling; excessive talking as if one’s defense; gossiping; interrupting; small, weak, constrained or whiney voice; shyness; tone deaf; poor rhythm; not exercising one’s creativity; creative blocks of all kinds; inability to choose for one’s highest good

Key Traumas Cleared: excessive criticism, authoritative parents who taught you it’s better to be seen and not heard; being lied to; being sent mixed messages


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Sixth & Seventh Chakra Attunement

6th Chakra Attunement – THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Ajna in Sanskrit means “to perceive and command”

In this two-part recording combining BOTH the 6th & 7th Chakras, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 30 minutes of instruction on one file and 40 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.

7th Chakra Attunement – CROWN CHAKRA: Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “thousand-fold”

In this two-part recording combining both the 6th& 7th chakras, you will get the following issues explained at root cause, addressed and cleared. It includes 30 minutes of instruction on one file and 30 minutes of pure ThetaHealing™ on the second.

Physical: inner ear balance issues; bells palsy; brain tumors; sinus congestion; headaches, migraines; vision issues

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: poor memory; difficulty imagining alternatives or seeing future; distrust of intuition; over-reliant on logic, reason; imbalanced brain usage, i.e., more left brain usage than right or vice versa; don’t see things as they really are, illusions, delusions; denial; overly projecting of what one wants to see so what one is seeing isn’t accurate to reality; nightmares; difficulty concentrating; lack of imagination; can’t remember dreams; heavily invested in believing there is only one right way; inability to understand metaphors, symbolism, only think and perceive literally

Key Traumas Cleared: being told that what you are seeing isn’t what you’re seeing; being told one thing that doesn’t match what you’re seeing; your intuitive or psychic visions are not valued or invalidated; post traumatic stress syndrome


Physical: brain tumors; amnesia; migraines; possibly central nervous system imbalances

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: lack of connection to spirituality; lack of seeing the sacred in life; no or low connection to a divine source; overly intellectual; cynical about the sacred, divine or spiritual; learning difficulties; day dreamy, spacey, not grounded; spiritual without being grounded in body on earth; lack of connection to the sacred in life, the spiritual, the divine; closed minded

Key Traumas Cleared: programming that the mind and intellect is most important; not able to think for oneself; heavy indoctrination i.e., to follow blindly; fear of the spiritual


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The Complete Chakra Attunement Audio Series

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About Alison J. Kay...

alisonDr. Alison J. Kay is an Award-Winning Energy Healer, #1 International Bestselling Author, and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System. Her more than 20 years of experience includes yoga, meditation, chi gong, energy medicine, mind body fitness, longevity and holistic health – with a specialized focus on the chakra system. She is considered one of the leading experts on using the chakra system as the road map for thriving in mind body and spirit.


Dr. Alison is known for facilitating outrageously rewarding energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide – which has earned her the nickname “lightning bolt,” due to the voltage behind her vibrations that she then uses on behalf of her clients. She has a particularly unique ability to have people feel safe almost instantly – and with this trust, the process of opening up to one’s highest potential can begin.