5-5-5 Energy Activation, Spiritual Awakening, and Energy Medicine

I was recently interviewed by Lauren Smith on her podcast, Master Your Mind, Business and Life.

During this time, we discussed:

  • Energy activation
  • Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine
  • What stops people from moving forward
  • Spiritual Awakening: What is it?

And so much more!
The show host, Lauren, expressed to me after pre-recording this interview which we decided ahead of time would air on Cinco De Mayo with a special activation, that she couldn’t even express what the activation did for her. She had received some intense news the night before and hadn’t had a good day.
Typically she would’ve honored that and cancelled all her calls but something inside of her told her not to. So she was in somewhat rough shape at the time of this interview. I did not know any of this as we went into pre-recording the interview. But then, she emailed me afterwards and said, “after our call, it felt like that weight had been lifted.” She also mentioned that she went from not feeling very light to being able “feel” the light, to feeling fully alive and rooted in gratitude, faith and trust.
“You, were what I needed! THANK YOU, for gifting that to the audience and myself.”
So this is for you! Your turn to feeling more of the light, more fully alive and rooted in gratitude, faith and trust – and whatever else your lovely self needs & receives from this special 5/5 clearing and activation.

To listen, just click here!


10K Blessings!

Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade™