ThetaHealing Master Brent Phillips joins us – Get Ready for a Boost in joy, abundance, health & wealth!

April 6, 2012
Hosted by Alison J. Kay, PhD Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer, India Trained YA RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer

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Brent Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a miracle change when his arm (immobile/frozen at the elbow after a surgery) healed in an instant after 1 session of Theta Healing! So transformed by this experience he gave up his career in technology, dedicating himself to master instant healing & personal holistic transformation. Today, he shares the magic & miracles of Theta HealingTM w/his students & clients around the world. Theta HealingTM is a holistic healing technique directly addressing your subconscious mind to fix the “bugs in your software”, allowing miraculous instant healings & profound transformations. Transform your health, finances, relationships or spirituality; Theta is a surprisingly fast & easy way to make the permanent & lasting changes you desire so you can thrive. It is the only energy medicine I use that I don’t fully “get” the mystery behind it – and that’s cool! I’m an Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, using it daily w/my clients.