Dr. Alison J. Kay

The Cosmic Egg of Expansion:


MARCH 19TH @ 6:30 PM (NY TIME)

This spring equinox catapults is into Aries season and hits refresh on the cosmic calendar.

This energetic fire sign snaps us out of hibernation and prompts us to get moving!

This will be the first boost you’ll receive via a Vibrational UPgrade System’s clearing & activation.

Whether that be lethargy, fear of change, disappointment, loss of hope, decrease of Trust that you CAN have what you’re focusing on co-creating or whatever else you all present that requires clearing & activation of the affirmative

empowerment, we’ll get to wipe out and BLAST your consciousness & subtle energy system with a sweet shift to help you in the way you most need it.

Despite this being a group experience, I’ll be able to – with this lovely light & these brilliant frequencies – individualize and tailor it for what your system most needs.

So with this equinox, we’re celebrating it with kicking off the astrological new year and the spring.

This is a time of new beginnings – which we’ll further help along with some sweet clearings & activations –

– so you can be HERE now, rather than in the past of what has happened that you didn’t like, and what didn’t happen that you wanted.

And if there are any 2024 resolutions you have let lapse this is the perfect time to renew them – which we’ll do clearings & activations to help re-invigorate you to keep you bolstered and tracked with an increased likelihood for successful outcomes.

Yet, that’s just the beginning.

Quick! Get in on the early bird price before it goes up!

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to listen to repeatedly.

The cosmic egg is THE essence of the divine feminine.

It’s a spiritual motif found in the creation myths of countless cultures & civilizations –

– and with human females’ eggs, hens’ eggs, dove’s eggs…right?

In fact, you’ll want to come onto this live zoom event with an egg, plz, for a special process that’ll make your heart sing with delight at what you’ll receive!

So in the Rig Veda, one of the oldest texts in any of the Indo-European language, the cosmos is described as a golden, egg shaped womb.

The entire Universe is said to have emerged from it….

…Mary Magdalene used the egg to describe how life begins again after death.

Again, timely, due to when Easter is this year, and Mary Magdalene’s involvement with the resurrection.

So you’ll also receive support for you own personal resurrection now, via more clearings & activations.

And the cosmic egg is the core symbol of the divine feminine’s creative force.

Thus, this special equinox event will be focused on enhancing this creative force within you, whether you’re male or female or whatever.

We’ll empower whatever aspects you all who attend present as needing the most strengthening of, and clearing out where you fall down the most on the co-creation path of manifesting your heart’s desires.

AND the cosmic egg represents a birth, a new beginning, or an expansion of life.

Where are you ready to expand?

We’ll get you clarity during this event with even more clearings & activations around this.

And if you already have this clarity – good on you! And NOT bad on you if you don’t – we’ll gain you even more clarity around where you’re at within the path of manifesting this expansion –

– and whatever else you may need to see or be or do for this expansion to happen with more grace and ease.

Kairos is the Greek term for “soul time” & if we allow what’s within us to emerge in divine timing or kairos then what’s within us will transform us.

So we’ll also do a profound, deep clearing of where you’re unable to or having difficulty with that Trust of divine timing in your process of manifesting what you are focusing on co-creating.

The egg is to trust that what’s ours can never be taken from us so there’s no need to answer the ego’s push to rush the process to impress others or to complete something on someone else’s timeline.

This increased relaxation around your co-creating will be something which you’ll walk away from this event, having permanently transformed.

And the more you use the replay – included – the increasingly easier it’ll be for you to relax around co-creating your desires, rather than that impatient push of the ego-mind.

Even in the midst of what looks like delay or mayhem or no chance of emerging into physicalization – your desired co-creations –

– there’s still a tender new shoot of new life that needs only our trust to eventually take form.

So we’ll be blessing the path of you coming out of the muck and mud and hibernation like Lakshmi’s lotus…

…and emerging like Mary’s rose, with your desired co-creations and the path to them manifesting with more grace & ease than you could’ve imagined possible…

… blessed.

Quick! Get in on the early bird price before it goes up!

Recording will be sent to you within 24 hours & is yours to listen to repeatedly.


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.