…on this final Friday of April, what is likely to have been the thickest month for most, during the covid-19 pandemic?

I, myself, am aware of my own energy levels.

I’ve been providing, I’d guesstimate, 4x the normal amount of support & Service since late January.

And then there’s the cancelling of the volume of logistics required for the May/June retreats to Glastonbury, UK and then the creating anew a virtual version of these retreats to still be delivered, so my students can stay tracked with their progression into higher, more expanded levels of their Vibrational UPgrade™ certification & skills.


Some of this increased Service you’ve seen.

Although much of it has been – as typical, but just SO bloody up-leveled (excuse me. It’s Friday after a long week…) –  behind the scenes, on behalf of humanity’s ascension into this new paradigm, as appropriate during this covid-19 crisis particularly.

Really been wanting to keep this as contained as possible….exhaling….

What would it take for more folks to invite grace & ease in, and leave the struggle & suffering behind?

Meaning, what would it look like if more people chose to proactively attend to their interior world of thoughts, consciousness, energy and vibrations?

Many of you who have attended the 2 live zoom events this month – yep, did an extra one at a lower cost that most everyone can afford in this tribe – have been tracking with me, Knowing to continue to receive that Support during this times has been crucial.

And many of you who were there on the Self-Mastery live zoom event at the start of April, that was created to help you remove yourself even further from being at the mercy of anything outside of you including covid-19 and the collective reaction to it, have been faring better.

Then, many of you who were on that first live zoom event on Self-Mastery so that you’re not at the mercy of anything outside of you, chose to also say yes to the lower priced second live zoom event, STOP Your Shutdown; POP Open Your Receptivity & Ground the Abundance For All paradigm.

GREAT choosing!

I say that because then some of you who are also choosing to show up daily or frequently to the Facebook lives myself (Fridays, in addition to the earlier, bigger one at equinox time) or my Vibrational UPgrade Practitioners are also offering, have been there too, receiving the calming, peaceful, higher light & staying tracked with that, rather than the mild trauma and/or overwhelm that could be gathering in your field.

I’ve seen the difference in those of you who have stayed tracked with me and the light I’ve been offering, whether directly flowing it to you as if in a distance session, or the Vibrational UPgrade™ clearings & activations, to keep you and your mind-body-spirit system that creates your overall vibrational field, high and light and open to the new.

We really seeded that tracking for the new during this week’s “STOP Your Shutdown; POP Open Your Receptivity & Ground the Abundance For All paradigm”, due to it being done within 3 hours of the new moon.

This new moon has clearly brought in some intense energy, or at least it’s rising to the surface more.

And I know if you were to re-read the new moon email I sent out Wednesday, you’d see how the specific cosmic alignments with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and Uranus are all commanding this.

Meaning we are in the thick of it right now – and I don’t mean necessarily the covid-19.

I’ve been talking about this old paradigm collapsing while a new one gets built since 2011, while having done this work with energy medicine and consciousness, yoga & meditation for decades.

I’ve been running clearings & activations and talking about the Abundance For All paradigm since returning from the decade in Asia to the States, since 2010.

But it IS happening NOW.

Amongst my clients’ reports, and what my Masterminders and Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program peeps are reporting and asking for support with, while they’re actually doing really, really well, staying balanced, calm and tracked for and with the NEW that is being birthed through each of us & for all onto our earth now, those around them are flying off the handle, or living with irritation, simmering.

So there seems to be, as this new moon Wednesday brought in with it, an extra intense contrast between the old and the new.

And there are many, many folks who do not rationally, logically, linearly have the bigger perspective of what is really happening.

But you do. You read these emails.

So one of the main aspects that came in when asking what was needed to Serve humanity, the collective, during this time covid-19 specifically, was those daily Facebook lives done in the Vibrational UPgrade™ free group.

That’s the link to the playlist with some of them on my YouTube channel.

More specifically, that starting off each fb live with running clearings & activations to clear out any potentially accumulating trauma, PTSD, worry, fear, overwhelm, anxiousness, uncertainty, to ground in more peace, calm, clear fields and consciousness so that not only is able to be the more prominent state of being you live in, but so that it can also help emanate out from your field to those you interact with, daily.

And I’ve seen the benefit!

The difference with having additional new people on the live zoom event this week – well, I could see the contrast between those who have been more regularly going at it with me.

As a result of staying with these higher, lighter vibrations, they’ve been continuing to get themselves cleared and then activated for the highest & best good, the light, the new, the Aligned vs. that resistance, fear, reactivity, worry, malaise, irritation and resistance that is out there.

So that’s what’s behind, in great part, why you hear me say how beneficial the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program is.

Because there is a certain momentum that has to get established with and towards the new in order for the old to more easily be let go of.

And the reports from my clients, students, Masterminders and Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program participants of how they desire & require support due to the mayhem folks around them are creating out of their fear from not understanding the overall trajectory we’re in and on, have been really telling to me.

The resistance to the new is not only showing up as irritation, argumentativeness, hostility, rebelliousness, arguing, but also in over-analyzing, inaction, non-motivation, mild depression to lethargy and malaise.

But they’re not necessarily choosing these behaviors or states of being, consciously.

Have you heard me before quote the stat that it’s approx 85% (and that’s one of the lower estimates – and wow! lightning and thunder going on right now!) of our daily choices are made either from the unconscious or subconscious?

As you all heard me on last month’s free call, I asked why did it take such a crisis humanity wide for this to occur?

Why can’t humans choose to proactively take care of their spiritual growth so that they evolve?

So it’s really that resistance I’ve been seeing to this exact action.

Where the yucky behaviors I’ve described – and more – are from this lack of tending to the interior layers of consciousness that their thinking mind is only a product of.

The way someone thinks, and what they most commonly think about comes from what resides in the unconscious and subconscious.

And what resides there is everything from conditioning from one’s parents and their lineage/ancestry both in environment (nurture) and passed down in the DNA (nature), from karma, from conditioning from the collective that influences subtly upon one’s tendencies, to old contracts, oaths, vows, promises taken in other lifetimes passed down in the cellular memory between incarnations contained within the DNA, traumas from this and previous lifetimes, and unconscious and subconscious conclusions to how to be in the world as a child from ages 2-8 asks, and then programs their subconscious with.

So this tending to one’s consciousness is not just a yoga practice, right?

The yogic path is made of 8 limbs, where only 1 limb – ONE! – is the body postures/asanas, and 5 – FIVE! – are about the mind and various elements of working on one’s consciousness .

So folks who can’t be bothered with that “stuff” who are only focused on the physical and in survival mode, are choosing that too.

Once they learn it’s actually a choice.

And from all that I’ve seen in this field, on this path, that once someone is made aware of that choice and they continue to persist as if they have no choice, that’s when it gets really prickly and difficult.

Albeit it’s from old patterns – blocks – rooted in the unconscious and subconscious, that gear the neurological pathways within the ego-mind to have predispositions for a certain type, or vibration, of thought to be what their norm or set-point is.

So it can feel like one has no choice but to think or behave the way they do, right?

But once you know better, it would really behoove your well-being for you to well, get busy!

So if you tend to that inner territory, then you have less density, less of the old pulling at your thinking, or your ego-mind, or your conscious mind’s thoughts you DO actually hear.

Because what is really influencing you is silent & hidden.

And clearly, it can be cleared and is meant to!

This is what I do day in and day out, and this is what the entirety of the yogic path, which is really a path towards enlightenment, which is really what you hear nowadays as awakening.

Awakening is the beginning stage of the path of enlightenment.

Light within. Enlightenment.

It can’t get in if there’s all this old already laid out within one’s sub and unconscious.

Yet if you tend to this consistently then you’re on the right track.

So the resistance is really to this, to the pending new.

The new paradigm that requires folks to lighten, not only awaken.

That requires folks to go inside and do that internal work.

To be responsible for the energy they bring, right?

To work together in collaborative, cooperative, heart-centered ways, rather than competitive, let me get one leg up and OVER you, hierarchical ego-mind ways.

Now specific to where we’re at this week, with the new moon, with the overlapping and increasingly stark contrast between the old and the new, what I did on last night’s Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow call was the first time I did something that I’ve never, ever before been given the go-ahead for.

And it’s one of THE most guarded against aspects of the spiritual path.

It HAS to be done in a certain way, at the right time, and if it’s not, then it’s not good.

I actually went at the deepest, most entrenched soul pattern – samskara, in Sanskrit, which I go into in my latest book Reasonable Dragons and cleared its source of creation.

That is typically WAY too much to do at once.

Folks’ ego-minds develop coping strategies because the egoic structure is given to us to help keep us safe on and navigate within the 3D earth plane.

So the ego-mind requires a more gradual approach to this kind of permanent, soul-level change.

You only will allow for so much change at once, right? I mean, look at how folks are changing with the lifestyle impacts from covid-19.

Some of these habitual patterns are SO entrenched, established within such trauma (from other lifetimes most of the time) that there would be crisis if a person collapses this all at once.

You may have heard of that as “kundalini rising” and the crises that can ensue – like psychic breaks – if someone does this without the proper Guidance.

But the folks on the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow call had already done enough work previously, where they have been already engaged in and making great progress from working with me, and held in such a framework that I’m here/there, with them, tracking with them, interacting with them daily (save for Sundays) so that I was given the go-ahead.

For the first time ever.

Many of them just simply were knocked out in order to receive this work – sleep.

And then waking up at the end of the process.

Today, from those who have wanted to update me, have reported feeling much, much lighter and freer. As if something has left.

If I did that on last night’s Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow call, then that means there’s something HUGE – vibrational influences supporting – completions.

And this is a big, big completion.

But it would only occur to me in the very way it did, if it were to make room for something new, that is really crowning in the birth-canal, ready to be born.

I’m so proud of my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow peeps! And so elated for them!

What would it take for more of you to step into this level of self-mastery and mastery over the manifestation process?

So it seems the resistance others are experiencing, whether that simply be uncomfortable in their own skin or irritability, it’s not necessarily what covid-19 has brought in.

It’s WHY covid-19 may be here, serving that higher purpose…

I invite you to tend to what you’ve been putting off.

I invite you to – rather than run from the monster at the back of your mind/under your bed – you deal with whatever that is.

In my biased opinion, and from years of seeing the results, there is no one better to escort you through this process, with as much grace and ease, speed and love, humor and protectiveness over you and for you than me.  

Here you go, you can begin this sacred, permanent soul-level change now.

It isn’t always intense, by the way.

I started last night’s Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program with a round of jokes.

Here’s one:

What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle?

Attire!  😁

One more: What do you call a man that irons clothes?

(I won’t tell you what some of the women said in response to this at first)

Iron Man!

Okay, okay… I’ll give you one more: 😁😁

How did the barber win the race?

A shortcut!

Come play!

And continue to be willing to do whatever it takes to go higher and continue to!