vibrational upgrade system radio showsCultivating more Energy, Joy and Health: Ways to help you, our community and country to thrive!

There are some unknown, startling statistics that when looked at through the eyes of wisdom from ancient cultures and the new sciences, can open your eyes to see just how much power you have. Why is it so hard for us here in the U.S. to be still, and not productive? What do your daily thoughts and choices have to do with your health? How good are you at not doing anything? Why are so many more people getting sick, diagnosed and on medications today? The most prescribed medications are ones that come from diagnoses that are viewed in the holistic health world as preventitive. Did you know that arthritis, high blood pressure & mental foginess are not expected to be an unavoidable aspect to aging in other cultures? There are aspects to our paradigm – our country’s unspoken rules that run the way we are & what we see as important and even what we see as possible – that feed into our not thriving as much as we could, individually and collectively. We are meant to thrive – all of us!

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Dr. Kay uncovers the unifying tools with the understanding of how energy flows – or does not – in the body, and how that creates:

~ Health and wellness
~ Vitality and clarity
~ Centered calmness
~ Abundance
~ Healthy emotional expression
~ Balance and a whole lot more

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