This is from a conversation I just had with Claude during her 1 on 1 session. Claude has been working with me first in the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program and then in the Mastermind. She is about to go on live retreat with me for her Grand Dragon Master Level training, meeting me in Glastonbury, UK.

This is key to hold in mind because this conversation will help you be more gentle with yourself as you more fully understand what it takes and what it feels like to have your body feeling safe, Trusting that all of life is happening for you not to you, and co-create your life from here, with more empowerment & easier manifesting.

You’ll also learn back door approaches, as I’ve come to call them, with increasing self-mastery and mental management. Additionally, you’ll see how the mind-body connection works, and how it is in fact, bi-directional.

Thus you’ll have more likelihood to progress on your path.

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