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KABAM! You’ve been supported, supercharged with high vibrations/love! For your listening pleasure this weekend the replay of this Wednesday’s live interview on Emboldened Heart contains energetic transmissions charging you up for a new beginning & to take the most advantage of this new moon’s energies, & these new times we’ve entered! Enjoy & many blessings!

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your sensitivity is your power alison j kay

Have you seen our “Your Sensitivity Is Your Power Audio Teleseries” package?

The series is recommended for all who wish to really simply embody their Awakened Presence, and have ease with creating their lives as they desire them to show up, increasingly free of the old, perceived hindrances that the average person still seems to be entangled within. It will set you apart, if you allow it. The series is especially recommended for energy workers, healers and practitioners to have as a training product first and foremost to shift themselves so they may then better serve their clients. Yet it will also vastly elevate your span of knowledge & raise the consciousness for not only yourself, but through your shifted, Awakened and embodied Presence, all of humanity at the same time. You will also receive what the initial participants experienced and spoke of as “offering empaths relief” that includes release of the hidden belief of carrying a burden on behalf of humanity and transmuting that into it being their “job” to live in joy, with a fierce yet gentle and steady empowerment for their gifts.

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