Greetings, dear friends, here I’m facilitating high-level retreats with my students over in the UK. As always, I am eager to share the week’s discoveries with you. Today, I am getting you this from a fairy tale-looking castle in Wales. This beautiful scenery is not just a backdrop of the story, but a symbol of the path humans are on, the path of creating soul-attached visions into the material and waking world.

As I crossed the drawbridge, I sipped tea and thought about our current society. My students on retreat with me are girls who are aiming at achieving their God-sent dreams in life. And that, in a nutshell, represents the core of all my efforts. This is not a question of running away from the world to meditate and be alone; that is gone and not best for most of us during these times. Now, it is about blending our spiritual lives with our daily lives, the religious values with the practical aspects of the modern world.

This integration is at the center of focus of all my programs. My purpose is to assist you in transforming your world, for I am a link between the divine and the earth. It’s about bringing love and purpose – or at least, enthusiasm – to your work, money, and life. When you choose to rise and vibrate high as your soul self does, you are not only fulfilling your purpose but are also raising the consciousness of others and thus, the world.

That is why I am so enthusiastic about it as I have witnessed firsthand how the changes occur. Yesterday was one of the luckiest days of the year when I was a witness to a miracle. This special person was critically ill in the hospital, but the combined effort and concern from many of us helped him or her get well quickly. The scene was an impactful lesson of what can be created once our goal is in line with the universe’s plan.

As I was standing in the castle, I saw a sculpture of Mother Mary with Jesus which was quite surprising as I haven’t seen it in many castles. It emphasized the notion that we should not bury the spiritual life; rather, the spiritual life should be experienced in full measure in the 3D and 4D reality. It’s about getting rid of what I refer to as the “back of the house consciousness,” the beliefs and blind spots that hinder rather than help us in our decision-making.

We are in a great year, an eight-year, which is about harmony between our inside and outside. It is the climax of humanity’s greatest evolution as a society from 2012-2032. This year is about listening to the whispering voice within and embracing the decisions that lead to fulfilling our soul’s purpose. It is the freedom from restricting beliefs and behaviors, self-questioning, and anxiety to embrace a joyous and meaningful existence.

On this retreat, I have been bringing in heaps of light and my body is still processing all of the energy. It is a sign pointing toward transformation and refinement of the mind, the decrease of the influence of the ego in the decision-making process. This makes our decisions independent of fear and doubts since they are a result of divine inspiration.

I urge you to remind yourself every day about the things you take or you look at, the things you pay attention to – and align them to build happiness and abundance. It is time for one to wake up to reality and learn that there always is some truth behind seemingly perfect situations. It will serve you well to embrace the divine happiness, health, and wealth that results from living a spiritually connected, upward-focused existence.

When making these transitions, you will receive help in ways you never expected in your life. The bottom line here is that your life is the sum of the choices you have made and the things you have chosen to think about. Open your eyes and go for it, and you’ll find yourself living a richer, braver, and more creative life than could ever have been imagined.

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