Hello, dear readers! Welcome to Alison JK’s blog, where I invite you to discover the essence of my journey at the mystical place at Glastonbury Abbey. Literally standing at the site of the Mother Mary Ley line, I felt like I was remembering my odyssey and the lessons that I have learned in this particular pursuit of spirituality.

A Sacred Encounter

I was writing this message from Glastonbury Abbey, standing right over the Mother Mary crypt. Across from me stands the first Christian chapel in the West, on a former Celtic pagan shrine. This is a location that’s loud in history and spiritual vibrations. Just standing here now, I am not embarrassed to say that I am associated with the ancient Egyptian mystery schools the inspirational ISIS Mystery School, or the Mary Magdalene Mystery School.

The Divine Feminine in My Work

I’ve just completed three weeks of retreats with three different groups, all of which were practicing on the theme of the Divine Feminine. This isn’t something I generally discuss except in my core program, Magic Manifestation, and Money Flow, and even more so in my mastermind. The Divine Feminine is so intrinsic to who I am that I don’t always make an effort to promote it but those, whom it is meant to, always get to me somehow. I offer clearings and activations that help revive the lost balance of the Feminine Divine in each of us.

My Journey to the East

You have heard me talk of my ten-year journey in Asia in search of deeper awareness, energy mastery, and self-knowledge. I became a yoga teacher trained in India with an interest in studying the subtle energy system. Too bad many of the things that Jesus tells Mary Magdalene are avoided by censors and filmmakers and here they are focusing on the internal changes. This is in line with what I was taught about Oriental practices where we are worked upon using our inner energies and awareness to create oneness with the divine.

Themes and Personal Revelations

Subsequently, themes gravitated to part of the focus of my retreats. Everyone has a story and as they practice with me, their theme does come up. This time, the focus was clear: to bring spirit back into the world: bring back an empowered goddess. I have been talking about the shifts in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine for several years now and am glad to see more discourse around toxic masculinity and its potential for change.

Anger and Healing

Another thing that I have noticed and that I would like to emphasize is anger. As for all of us, we would always want to be compassionate and kind since we are all spiritual beings. Yet, anger can be a big push for change to happen out there. Sometimes, it is even normal to be frustrated and even express it. This is not about recklessly identifying as angry and toxic but learning from this anger and using it to assert ourselves.

A Personal Note

Considering my attitude toward my father, as well as my general approach to life, it has always been very important for me to trust my instincts and do what I wanted. As much as society had placed certain expectations about what I ought to do, I had to follow my advice. This has been a personal as well as a professional journey because I have been championing the total wellness of individuals even when it was not HIP in society.

The Path Ahead

As we move forward in these transformative times which are often associated with change, one has to understand and accept his or her feelings. These feelings may include fury, frustration, sympathy, or care, and there is no harm in accepting these feelings and allowing ourselves to feel as we do. In unity, we can align our existence and the world to a divine proportion that is beyond our imagination.

I would like to thank you for coming with me on this adventure. If you wish to do the same and also speed up your journey, you can consider working together and become a part of our family. The focus now is to continue to rise.


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