I am offering for the first time ever, energy medicine transmissions video taped, for each chakra!


http:// https://charlindabyrd.simplero.com/page/58144


Join for 10$ so it’s like it’s it’s free, what would normally be at least 250$, (That doesn’t include all the supplemental audio & text support materials you’re going to receive, and I don’t even feel like putting a dollar value on it all.)


By you viewing these videos and receiving the vibrations and ensuing alignment, you’re also doing this – as your life gets easier & lighter – for the collective, because of the holographic nature of vibrational entrainment and our increasing awareness of our interdependence.


What will our world look like with more of us living in alignment, honoring our unique magic, with more ease, joy, vitality, love, abundance & well-being?

I did this to help us find out sooner!

http:// https://charlindabyrd.simplero.com/page/58144