spring quinox alison j kay

Happy Equinox – Spring for those of you north of the equator, Autumn for those of you south of the equator – that is sandwiched between a full solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse – the times are RIPE for your higher Self to be creating what is in alignment – even if the ego isn’t in agreement! 


As you all know the yogic path is about yoking our ego-based, personality “small” selves with our Higher Selves who are connected with Source, the universe, the divine, the cosmos, however you put it. So this includes understanding our place in the cosmos.

As I was telling my master level students at their Reiki & Vibrational UPgrade System training this weekend, there is much going on right now that is supporting them – and you all – with making a massive leap forward. I had chosen this training (it was by invite only, that’s why you didn’t hear about it, but there’s announcements for the next levels I & II) – with becoming new!


The Spring equinox time is about new beginnings, yes, especially when matched with a full solar eclipse. Yet there is more going on than even this that I knew of when selecting the dates to be matched with the equinox, so this special group of some of my favorite folks on the planet got even MORE whammied, and it’ll take them weeks & months to begin to actually understand what they’ve done and who they’re in the process of becoming. I so LOVE what I do – it’s so FUN! And I am so grateful and honored to be in this role. Thank you for your trust in me and my connection to Source!

The energies we’re in right now are ripe for you to be choosing to let go the old parts of you & your life that are those lower vibrations. You do know what that is, consciously. If you’re reading this, you are aware. Do a journal entry or two to get more there, if need be. 


But it’s also about more HIGH support for you to actually manifest whatever your consciousness has been focusing on and desiring that’s in alignment with your expansion. So it was a perfect weekend to have created these new Masters, now 100% attuned as increased antennae’s and receiving stations with their Higher Selves and the light.


So it seems, as I learned in my research I did before giving this newsletter to you all, there are more gamma rays measured as coming down onto our planet than have ever been measured before in the time since we’ve identified and begun measuring them. They’re felt as a LOT of light, high vibrations and can really shake things up.


The full solar eclipse was for quantum leaps forward, that included letting go of parts of ourselves and/or lives that no longer are meant to be carried foward, they’re old energies and don’t support us to allow ourselves to further expand, and lighten and grow. 


And if it seems if we don’t choose proactively to choose to listen to our inner guidance as we go along our daily lives, then our Higher Selves seem to in alignment create the circumstances for us in our lives to expand us despite what our ego-mind prefers.


And this is the nature of what my work has become, yes? To support you/folks in attuning and aligning with the Higher Self’s guidance that is like a whisper or feather’s touch, but can cause goose bumps or shivers to run throughout a person’s body.



I’ve been saying recently on interviews, increasingly, how it’s the most subtle that  is the highest frequency. Funny, how that’s ironically opposite of what we’re presented and living typically within the daily model of life in the United States. 


The lunar eclipse is more dealing with the shadow aspects of one’s unconscious and subconscious, as the moon does. This requires further listening, and is typically buried, and gotten too after doing layers of clearing. 


This time overall though seems to have been really full of a lot of changes. And some of them are those big BANGing ones.


Other signs of change that are happening are those “breadcrumbs in consciousness on the pathways of creation” as I call them. They can show up as synchronicities, or things coming into alignment as if magically co-incidental. And further along the path towards something coming into creation that you’ve been desiring and allowing for in the consciousness you’ve created to support its physical manifestation into the 3-d world are increased synchronicities that can seem like a conspiracy for the creation to come into physical existence, even if you don’t know that this was the “HOW.”


I’m still learning every day myself how these more nuanced aspects of co-creating with the divine alignment occur. It’s what my next book, coming out likey next month, Vibrational UPgrade: A Conspiracy for Our Bliss is about. 


We’ll be having more webinars and telecall series coming up on learning how to read with more accuracy the signs along the trail of creating what it is we desire.


Not only is it what I seem to do for folks, to learn to begin to tap into the most dense forms of understanding life and the life forces that sustain us, that we can direct and use to create all around us.  But I also assist folks in learning how to even get into, and be more equipped to sustain this alignment, yes?


It is my absolute THRILL to be able to support & guide & play with you all during these immensely FUN & NEW times we’re in.


How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?