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Mindset Mastery Summit w/host Shelli Roberts

May 29, 2018


The Mindset Mastery Summit is a FREE video training series about how to shift your mindset out of overwhelm, victimization, hardship, negative patterns or stuckness into more joy, peace, and resilience so you can live your best life! The summit mission is to help heart-centered, spiritual persons who want to learn how to shift from their current mindset and circumstances into a more joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life. My colleague Shelli Roberts is interviewing over 20 experts (including me on Day 7 – Tuesday May 29th) about topics such as creating your joyful life; how to get unstuck; healing body, mind and spirit; overcoming trauma and past wounds; and creating and sustaining resilience, confidence, and inner peace.

This event will broadcast my brand new webinar:  “The 5 Step Formula to Master Your Intuition & Upgrade Your Manifestation Mojo”


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