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Winter Solstice Live Event – Restoring Balance to Your Mind, Body and Spirit – and the Earth’s

December 21, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Register Here to Join the Event – Just $22

A 90-minute Zoom event w/Dr. Alison J Kay and guest speaker Lorne Greig – includes Activations & replay download

…part of the Timely Transmutation Series

During this live Zoom video event (for which you will also be given the recording…)

We will come together with the group power, where we can do potent clearings for the Earth, and Activations for its increased Health & Vitality & Well-being. These Clearings and Activations will assist you to more effectively be a Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

They will help reconnect you to the Earth’s bitfield for increased Health & Wellness, Stamina, Vitality, Embodiment, Centering and Presence.  Because the Solstice is a day of balance, these Activations will be supporting Your Balance, and for the Earth’s Balance being restored in addition to Restoring your Balance with your Connections with both Heaven & Earth. This is where spiritual folks tend to be in the upper chakras, and more materialistic folks tend to be in the lower chakras, and correcting and rebalancing that.

We’ll also be Rebalancing your relationship with Material Goods, Abundance and Source and Activating your Increased Receptivity to Allowing Abundance from the sweet spot of Nurturance, and Support, so you Feel & Increasingly Embody the “All is Well” Frequency in thought, feelings & choices.

These ongoing monthly activation events have been seeded with my Guidance around the nurturance that can be given to you all, from me partnering with another whose voice my Guidance says “YES” to having me get out to my tribe, and who I know will bring up key current event topics that I can then run clearings around. (Next month, it’s a partnering with my female accountant, who has really great revelations, particularly geared towards female entrepreneurs, so stay tuned for that!)

This month I’ll be joined by Lorne Greig who has worked with me for the past four (4) years in weekly one on one sessions, who is also trained up through the Master Level of my Vibrational UPgrade System®.

Lorne is also a Thetahealer® and Thetahealing® instructor and a scientist specialized in ecology with a 40 year career and 12 page CV listing all his publications on this issue – assessing and modeling how ecosystems work and how our activities affect them.


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