Welcome to Day-2 of
The 12-Days of Reasonable Dragons

What if I told you that the invisible is how you master the physical?

Just like the coding behind this very website there is a whole system that puts together what is perceived on the outside.

If like a web designer and developer you understood that code even a little bit, imagine what possibilities there are to making the physical appear the way you want.

The science of consciousness and subtle energies are an important element to Dr. Alison’s work, and why her Vibrational UPgrade is designed differently. Simply, it’s designed for fundamental change.

This underlying system is built on Dr. Alison’s deep understanding of the code, the formula, the scientific elements and how that affects the mind-body-spirit.

So this is where it gets fun. As you discover a deeper understanding of the scientific frequency of your emotions, specifically fear and joy.

Enjoy the Reasonable Dragons book, Chapter 5: Fear Is The Lowest Joy Is The Highest by listening in using the player below.

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