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First Chakra Attunement – Root Chakra Clearings MP3

Individual Download – First Chakra Attunement

In this recording, the following issues are explained at their root cause, then addressed and cleared!

Physical: obesity; clumsiness; feet and leg deformities, aches and pains, general issues; spinal alignment issues; foundational immune system disorders; eating disorders related to feeling of eating in a hoarding way, like there’s never enough; physical hoarding; abundance and financial issues, whether you have money but feel it’s never enough or you don’t and feel there isn’t enough.

Mental, Spiritual & Emotional: not having a connection with one’s body, not comfortable within one’s body or w/one’s body; walks into social settings, offices, groups and don’t ever feel like they belong or have the right to be there; not feeling safe and secure in one’s world and in our world, that there’s a constant threat to attend to; general fear.

Key Traumas Cleared: traumas from physical abuse and neglect of basic needs growing up get cleared in this recording.

This call has 15 minutes of instruction on the chakra and then 45 minutes of ThetaHealing™


The more open and balanced our chakras are, the more life force energy – juice for life – flows throughout our bodies. Learn why our chakra centers are not something new age, but are our keys to vitality, health, and well-being, as well as a road map for our evolution at the unconscious level, and the soul level.

The clearing of your subconscious, unconscious & even conscious beliefs that you had programmed into you – most typically unbeknownst to you – from in utero up through now, will be cleared using Thetahealing.™ Each recording is focused individually at the level of the individual chakra. The movement through those sticky areas in your life eases, as the root beliefs locking you up in that area of your life (i.e. speaking up for your needs; money; being a giver and not a receiver; abandonment/rejection/love issues; self-sabotage i.e., procrastination; low self-worth causing you to play small) are cleared and re-programmed. This includes clearing any trauma in that chakra, freeing you up to see anew and then choose anew.

Here’s how to listen to this mp3:

  • Get comfortable

  • Be in a position where your head can fall back (you’ll most likely fall asleep or get spacey)

  • Do not drive, or do anything that requires your attention

  • Also, you can listen to this on a loop overnight while you are sleeping

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Alison 3Alison J. Kay, PhD, is a force! She’s a Holistic Life Coach, India trained Yoga & Meditation teacher, Personal Trainer, and energy healer/shifter of 16 years, is nicknamed “the lightning bolt” due to the power of her energy healings with clients all across the globe.

The unique blend of credentials, use of multiple modalities, and wealth of experience she acquired during the 10 years she spent living in Asia studying subtle energy practices make her perspective and manner of working with people around the world incredibly powerful.



*IMPT* ThetaHealing™ Disclaimer

Because of my awareness of the way the everyday linear mind works and how it appreciates hearing what is being cleared; I am the only Thetahealer that I am aware of that does these clearings out loud.  I find that it improves results when the mind knows what it is looking for in the changed beliefs. It creates a new space with the new thoughts coming in and then new behaviors follow.  You don’t necessarily even need to hear clearly what I am saying with your cognitive mind.  In fact, you typically can’t “hear” or comprehend the clearings at the times when I’m truly hitting upon your “stuff”, because the blocks are not consciously known to you so they get sent to be processed in the unconsciousness. This can show up as you falling asleep, or dozing, or spacing out, and not hearing the clearings which is why I state NOT to listen to these while driving or operating heavy machinery. Often after listening repeatedly for a month, you’ll begin to hear “new” clearings that you’d not heard before due to having cleared out the first/uppermost levels of unconsciousness with the prior listenings.