race peace

AND this is what I posted about on my Facebook personal page & business page yesterday – after the activity this week around the difference in treatment of African Americans vs Anglo Saxon Americans by the police, I was working with a male client yesterday who lives in Paris. A main focus of our work is to free him up within the way he relates to people & women in particular, when dating. This context is important to you receiving these clearings, without judgement, and with knowing that you’re helping to ground these frequencies more.


He was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, a French colony. His mother was a nun for a while, and used to come home raving about how special the white nuns she met through the missionary were, over & over again. This impressed upon my African male client an imprint of white women having more status than black. 


He has dated white women, married (then divorced) one, and wanted to make certain this behavior is free of conditioning from his mothers’ beliefs so he is able to be free to choose for himself what he really wants, aware that he genuinely enjoys dating white women.


While we were doing them, at one point there was such a HIGH vibration I became aware it was angelic presence that I’ve felt varying degrees of every time I do clearings yes, but when it’s this HIGH I’ve learned to pay even more attention. It occurred to me what we did was on behalf of the collective, and bringing race relations, as well as gender relations, into alignment with these new times.


If you want to receive these audio clearings and help ground in the higher vibrations on behalf of us all moving more forward into this era of unity and leave behind the one of judgement, separation, power/dominance/control aspects of the the old, crumbling paradigm, listen here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l74zhf9xk4xlyjr/race%20consciousness%20clearings%20%28for%20male%20client%20w_dating%29.mp3?dl=0