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Whether you have experienced subtle energies before or not you may be experiencing many things… there are so many that write in talking about the miracles that happen, learning how to use that energy to heal–energy healing.

But whatever you are experiencing please know that these energetics go right to the root and support you on a silent but potent level. Sometimes the most subtle and silent is the most profound.

Don’t let your ego-mind name what you should be feeling really let it all unfold, knowing you are held in this beginning container purposely set up so you can discover what Vibrational UPgrade does so well 🙂

OK now on to getting you even more! I can feel you ready for it 🙂

So what’s next…

Well we have already added you to the official VIP list where you get reminders for the next free Vibrational UPgrade™Â Group Clearings & Activations call. You won’t want to miss it. This email gives you the low down + access to some extra free gifts to listen in after you have completed your listening in to the Success MP3!

As you dive into each an every element provided for you here, do so with the greatest intention you have for yourself. What is that?

We are here on the other side of this email holding space for your greatest desires to actualize! Share it with us by clicking reply to this email 🙂

And when I say we are holding space, I mean it… the genius behind Vibrational UPgrade™Â is how Dr. Alison has programmed the energetic container to support you and your specific needs at every step you take… And the more you dive in and take all of the golden frequencies the more you will receive from it.

It’s all SO exciting so without further adieu, let’s dive in deeper. First below is a list of details to make your Free Vibrational UPgrade™Â Group Clearings & Activations call easy and informed:


  1. Carve Out Sacred Space to Receive: Don’t take these energetics lightly pleases 🙂 Dr. Alison provides this free call that takes place at the end of the month as a peek into the powerful support of the Vibrational UPgrade™Â energetic container, therefore although it is a free call, it is still immensely potent.

    This call is a nourishing sacred time and each call is its own container of support, unlike any energetic healing you may have received.
     Listen in from a quiet undisturbed space that allows you to receive without distraction. Include plenty of water, your favorite crystals surrounding you to soak up the special energetics & if you like, your favorite tea and cozy blanket. 💕

    To make sure you don’t miss this call every month add this call to your calendar as a recurring event. It typically happens every last Thursday of the month at 9 PM NY time, but occasionally due to holidays and/or Dr. Alison’s traveling schedule, it may be the second to last Thursday of the month, of which we will notify you ahead of time via email or the live call page (accessed below).


  2. Claim The Highest Level Of Support For Yourself: During the live call, you have the opportunity to get selected for spotlight coaching!

    That means that Dr. Alison calls on YOU and hears your specific needs and applies Vibrational UPgrade™Â energy medicine right there on the call for free! Amazing things have shifted for those who show up LIVE & get support in this way, and it’s typically the beginning of a whole new magical spiral of creation for them. 🌀

    The coolest part of it is Dr. Alison’s knowing typically chooses the perfect spotlight coachee that supports everyone on the call, it’s a win-win-win for all!

    Don’t miss out on this massive VIP perk 🙂

  3. A Replay Is Available For Less Than The Movies: Dr. Alison offers so much in this call you are just going to LOVE it. The energetic transmissions, the clearings & the activations are so potent you are going to want to listen over and over again.

    Each time you listen you get deeper into the root of what is ready to clear for you, deeper into dissolving past traumas, deeper into activating what is patiently waiting to be activated as you clear this all out. 💛

    So when you show up LIVE it’s FREE and then Dr. Alison always provides a recorded version of the audio for a small fee just 24-hour after the call.

So now that you know ALL the deets about the FREE LIVE call it’s time to activate some INSTANT ACCESS gifts to keep this VIBRATIONAL party going!

Each gift deserves its own timing and exploring so don’t rush through each one. Create space in your schedule to fully listen and embrace all the energetic healing Dr. Alison is so graciously gifting you here.  

GIFT #1: Join Our Free Facebook Community. The Vibrational UPgrade™Â community in our private Facebook group is where you can interact with Dr. Alison and others and receive additional support. Joining this group is a great way to reach Dr. Alison and interact with a like-minded community.


GIFT #2: Free Audio – Activating ABUNDANCE In All Areas Of Your Life. Real Energetic Transmission, Clearings & Activations To Help You Release The Blocks To True Abundance. This free audio is an incredible peek into how potent the Vibrational UPgrade container can be.  Access this free audio on your bonus page below:


GIFT #3: FREE Audio – Go From OVERWHELMED To OVERJOYED & Learn How to Activate The Magic of The Planetary Energetics In Your Favor. If you are sensitive you can feel the spiraling up-leveling energies swirling around you. Master the flow and commanding of these energetics and you can have everything you ever desired. Learn more by accessing this free audio on your bonus page:


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I’m looking forward to your presence in this amazing community.
Om Shanti, (peace in Sanskrit)

Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade