How does it get any better?

Well… last week we had yet another fantastic call together and I loved working with everyone over the phone, it’s always a highlight for me.

In case you missed it, it’s been posted on the replay page as always and you can listen here throughout the next 30 days.

Feel free to share this FREE monthly Vibrational UPgrade call, full of support for you to live more fully now within this conspiracy for your bliss.

Reminder that if you sign up for the next 3-months of the Group Calls during Sept, Oct, and Nov that will take you all the way through the eclipse season and these Tuesday calls are going to nail your vibrations to help you create what you want and help you realign to the higher frequencies after each new eclipse. People have said they are using this Tuesday call to help replace their negative self-talk and use it as a buffer against this reality and I LOVE hearing that!



So, the next Tuesday call is on TUESDAY September 6th @ 9:00pm New York time so you have just a few more days to sign up. There’s a holiday weekend coming up here in the U.S. so make sure you check it out now and sign up before you start having so much fun that you forget.

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Come play and give yourself the opportunity to move beyond your current set points of what is possible in your life!

Blessings! Om Shanti,


P.S. Whether or not you were live on the call with me, I encourage you to listen to the replay to receive the vibrational Upgrade and increases in fun, ease, well-being, joy, awakened presence & more that were created.