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Do you want more grace and ease in your life? Do you need a positive manifestation? I’m glad you came here then, as I am offering a completely FREE clearing and activation just for you! Unlock your inner dominance, your fierce unrestriced side. This intense activation is made for you!

There’s a new transmission around these times that we’re in right now, it’s for more grace & ease to lead. A clearing & activation for your increased patience, all while clearing out any grief or burn off that you might be experiencing!

As we shift into this new era of construction & out of what has been (destruction, staying home and the craziness that’s been happening to the world the past year). There’s also a strong transmission around balancing your intuition alongside your intellect. After that, a clearing & activation that causes the person receiving to literally shake in their body! But don’t worry–it’s for clearing out the resistance, shifts and changes that are in your highest and best, all while demoting the ego-mind’s (also intellect’s) dominance with its neat plans & strategies that can take you off your current path. It’s really strong, rich & intense!

There’s an element of restoring the wild, mystical, and untamed side of you. It frees you up more to live the life you’re intended to have, rather than restricting it. It’s quite a clearing & activation that starts around hoarding, leading them into giving so much of one’s self that there’s nothing left, getting into to the core and being the clearing directed at the negative thoughts such as “is there something wrong with me” or “am I unworthy?” These clearings and activations aim to rid you of these thoughts and fill you with the confidence you deserve, and the confidence that’s been inside you all along!

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