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Join Dr. Alison For The Next Vibrational UPgrade System’s Clearings and Activations Call

Thursday February 23rd, 2016

9:00 pm New York time


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By participating on this call, whether live or on recorded replay, you will be entraining to Dr. Alison’s high vibrational transmissions and energy through her words as she has cultivated her own vibration to in turn assist others with both their individual and collective awakening by connecting into these higher vibrations coming in and onto our planet right now during this greatest shift in humanity’s evolution – our Spiritual Awakening.

During a Vibrational UPgrade call, there is a natural transmission of energy that Dr. Alison projects with her Being, which can be noticed just by listening to her speak.  Over decades, she has cultivated her own life force to be at a certain buoyancy and her clients/students/listeners experience this when in her presence. Her energy is configured and centered not around her connection to her thinking mind, but to Source which allows her to be open to what’s beyond it and the consciousness and life force that surrounds us.  There is an entrainment that occurs lifting and attuning you to her higher vibration which allows her to energetically transmit the results of her life’s work directly to others around her through her vibrations, vocal toning, and energy itself superseding all time, space, and distance.


What can change in your life because of listening and receiving Dr. Alison’s transmissions? Well, depending on how hungry you are, is how fast these high vibrations can assist you & help you bring about and allow changes for you and your life like it did for this man.


“I have been a neighbor of Alison’s for about five to six years now.  In passing if we have a few minutes to spare we always stop and chat just to say Hi and see how the other is doing.  I am a recent graduate with a degree in Finance and just like most graduates I have credit card debt, a car payment, and now student loans.  I took an entry level job that I was not fond of and dreaded Mondays and was hesitant to believe this is how it must be.  One evening walking my dog, Bear, I ran into Alison and as always she asked how I was.  I could not tell you exactly what I said or even what Alison precisely said at the time, but I do know it changed my train of thought ever since.  I walked away from the conversation telling myself from now on I will “ask the universe what is possible today?”  I made it a point to do this every morning as I walked Bear.  Two days after I spoke with Alison I received a phone call about a new job opportunity that would be more geared towards my degree.  I couldn’t believe it!  Long story short, I went for the interview and nailed it. I received a phone call the next day that the company wanted to offer me the position.  I truly believe that with what Alison said to me that fateful night and how I view the universe that I landed the job that I am currently in and I look forward to Monday mornings just the same as any other day.”


– Dan Lindoerfer (email testimonial)





As a listener you’ll receive:

– A 60 minute Vibrational UPgrade entrainment transmission

– More ease in being able to drop into your heart and get out of your thinking mind

– Verbal group energy clearings often with instructions for hand positions

– Personal one on one coaching opportunity w/Dr. Alison




This call is OPEN TO EVERYONE WORLDWIDE by phone, and web link access. After you register, you will get instant access to the replay of the previous month’s call if you missed it.




“Alison, I was deeply moved by the Thursday night call and am still trying to collect myself.  It felt like the profound and lengthy gift you gave everyone was just for me. It was powerfully clear that your focused energy was coming from a true desire to help, heal, and liberate. I am still at a loss for words.  My intent now is to listen as often as I feel guided and absorb as much as I possibly can. Thank you.”

– L.M. / Tampa (personal email)


“Alison is the “REAL DEAL” ya’ll! I seriously can’t say enough good things about the energy magic her Theta Healing mp3s have worked on me so I HIGHLY recommend everybody at least sign up for her free calls 🙂 You’ll definitely want more afterwards so just say YES to MORE!!! (obviously I’m still soaring after tonight’s call lol). Love & Light to all.” 


– Jaclyn Smith (Facebook post)


“Let me share what happened as a result of listening to your recorded Live Monthly Group Call having just subscribed to you.  Just by listening to your transformations between you and your callers definitely struck a chord  soothing  my Heart, /throat Chakras and opened so much feeling in me almost like a circuitry of Dots lighting up connecting….Besides the tingling warmth a sort of buzzed out feeling – it was just felt  lovely.  I felt sensations in my eyes too. like when you feel moved. In those moments everything felt clear there was no mist just a feeling of clarity like being awake only more fully.  Whatever else happens from this moment on  I just wanted to add my Gratitude and to congratulate on your recent endeavours. Blessings Love and Light”


– Marilyn D / (personal email)


“OMG Sister !!! I just finished listening to the replay and my whole body from head to toe is twinkly!!!”


– M.M. / Ft. Lauderdale (personal email)


“Dear and beautiful Alison I want to express my gratitude for the amazing call tonight!  I was on last month and I have experienced and amazing change on how I felt and react towards everything!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sending you lots and lots of love! I do want to you to know that I felt the release and have seen the results.”


– Maria Elena / Miami (personal email)



“These calls are a GREAT place to. come and play…Alison is so much fun :)”


– Linda Murray (Facebook post)


Join the call if:


  • You know you’re meant to thrive & want advanced yet simple support to help “unstick” where you’re sticking yourself

  • You know all is well & want more energetic support to feel, see and live it

  • You desire a leap forward into having & living more of the life you know you are here meant to live

  • You desire more ease, support, success, love, joy, grace, kindness & compassion in you

  • You are seeking support to connect more to the spiritual, or the life force behind all consciousness

  • You want to embody more your connection to the supportive life force animating all life

  • You know we’re in the midst of humanity’s greatest shift & want to actively support yourself & be a contribution during this sacred time

  • You’ve been feeling wonky, something’s up, you don’t know what’s up and want some nurturance through it

  • This is your opportunity to speak with Dr. Alison and have her work on your specific issue and feel the power of her Vibrational UPgrade Systems clearings and activations



Register now to get the dial-in/ web link information. You’ll also receive a welcome email & reminder the day of the call.


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