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This 20 minute clearing audio provides clearings of the uncommon & frequently unexamined beliefs people can have that block success from being an easily accessible phenomena in their lives. This audio clears these blocks out, while also downloading access and activating this new consciousness for more success than you ever imagined or thought possible!

The clearings go at the center of the foundation of blocks that I’ve seen from all my years of working with people to be what stops people from allowing themselves to go for more, what causes them to have behaviors that sabotage their efforts, and their really hidden beliefs at the unconscious level where they will stop themselves.

It also gives space for the frequencies around success to get activated in your field – including frequencies for prosperity, increased profit, increased fulfillment, increased well-being, AND increased ease with success; taking it out of the territory of the mind and figuring out the how and into the beginning stages of allowing the manifestation of success and working with the energetics of our awakening times that are full of abundance, fulfillment, joy, and well-being just to name a few.

So in great part, this cuts the cords with the old paradigm of struggle, suffering, trading time for money, figuring out the how, having action plans – only- so all the reliance on the mind and the masculine energetics of creation and making space for the feminine aspects of creation and the creation of success to now work on your behalf in behalf of your increased success.

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ThetaHealing™ clearings involve Dr. Alison going into a deep meditative, very powerful theta brainwave state used for healing and manifesting.  While in theta, she will audibly ask for healing from Source Creator as she is connecting with a universal web of consciousness that holds infinite possibilities. Dr. Alison has the ability to hone in and pinpoint very specific energetic blocks and then release and resolve those unconscious traumas at the core, genetic, soul, history and past-life levels. The clearings on this recording will assist you in removing the typical blocks and deeper traumas that seem to prevent people from having success in their lives, such as:

  • clear being unworthy of success

  • clear trauma around failure

  • clear thoughts of being too old for success

  • clear thoughts of being wrong gender for success

  • clear feelings of being destined to fail

  • clear feelings that success is not meant to be easy

  • clear feelings of being afraid of success

  • clear feelings of “other people are successful but not me”

  • and a dozen more…

Here’s how to listen to this mp3:

  • Get comfortable

  • Be in a position where your head can fall back (you’ll most likely fall asleep or get spacey)

  • Do not drive, or do anything that requires your attention

  • Also, you can listen to this on a loop overnight while you are sleeping