We are living right now within an energetic, subconscious compulsion and vibrational backdrop so that you can be shifted even more out of the old you’ve continued to operate from.
This is not necessarily what you’re hearing your ego-mind churn out as your most common tracks of thought nor repetitive behaviors.

No it’s that which lurks at the back of your mind and in your tissues & cells, silently influencing you to make the same old choices.

When you’ve not done any clearing or cleaning on that “back of the house” stuff then you’re living, without seeing or sensing then nor choosing, from the buffet of new possibilities now available for you to live from.

Because you have so much influencing you still from the old.

My own moon sign is Scorpio, which’ll probably make sense to those of you out there more attuned to astrology…

See, as the sign of extremes, Scorpio energy can draw out both our darkest shadows and our most enlightened selves.

AND this is the moon Buddha attained enlightenment under.

So do you see the symbolism?

The more you clear your subconscious and unconscious of the old density – whether from your imprints from your parents and lineage, or your cultural mass conditioning, or your own personal traumas, karma and contracts/oaths/vows from this lifetime and all previous ones – YES!!! – then the more geared towards enlightenment you are.

The less darkness in you – remember you only see the affects of it at the conscious mind level with what choices you can Observe yourself making and not making towards the new, freer, more evolved & enlightened version of you – the more space there is for the light to get in.

And IN it wants!

This is precisely my life’s work and where my heart & expertise lands.

Thus I”ve chosen it to be the work and play I am up to day in and day out with my peeps in my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program, then my more advanced Mastermind program, and where folks get started with too – the Activate Your Magic Membership and the chakra series.

I wasn’t going to offer any Open the Drawbridge free calls in this email today, as I’m solidly booked, it’s even more full on than normal, and there aren’t many seats left.

But this moon, this timing, these energetics are a set up for this! Perfectly conducive for you to get even more robust results from this work!

– what would it take for you to claim more light for yourself, while shedding the excess density, that IS the path of enlightenment?

Because as I said on last month’s free monthly call, while the trick of this game may be to improve your work situation, start a new business based on your passions, increase your capacity to perceive & receive your intuitive guidance, improve your relationships, lose weight, increase your money flows flowing into your already successful business & catapulting you into entirely new levels, creating a fulfilling life where you’re passionately on purpose and earning great money doing so ……

it’s still about getting more light into you.

And shedding more of that old, darker or heavier stuff, lurking in the back of your mind and within your tissues & cells throughout your body, that silently influence you to see only what you see, as if on a repeat button that you just hit every day, upon waking up.

To have more aliveness, to awaken each day with excitement and to feel fresh, and then choosing from this higher vibratory states, you’re headed towards the calibrated highest level of consciousness, “Joyous Creation.”

That’s enlightenment in our post-modern world of today – covid-19 or not.

And truly, really hear this please, this is what we’re up to day in and day out within the programs I offer.

It’s just brilliant work, to escort beautiful people like yourself, out of making themselves feel bad and wrong and entangled with all the energies they’re perceiving from around them, transmute & transform this all into their inherent powers, and learn how to operate from there.

Power as in the divine and ours – when we’ve purified enough of the ego-mind and the old.

So then we’re genuinely stepping into the flow of being a co-creator, creating a fresh, new you and even life as our planet requires you to be now!