I want for you to shift beyond your current stuck points & possibly even quantum leap you forward onto the best possible path your Higher Self & heart see for you. Achieve your spiritual awakening!

Get out and be with this ful moon. It’s the closest full moon this to us on earth and has a full lunar eclipse with it.

Because of that, we have loads of events this week to compound the effects of the clearings & activations I do. I’d love to attune you to the field of unlimited possibilities.

I’d love for you to be even freer, and able to move forward now in a way that’ll make your heart sing & experience tremendously powerful success in your life & on your spiritual path, whatever that means for you.

This past week there’s been the hour long group clearings & activations call, where I just DUMP onto your consciousness whatever I’m guided to from you all.

The night of May 26th, the day of this full moon & lunar eclipse we have the live zoom event together

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I’ll be recording the Full Moon Sacred Activations. These 3 all get to you if you’re in Activate Your Magic. And all of these have recordings (if you’re seeing this later).

Then, on the night of May 26th is our beloved Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program’s call.

And if you’re new here, at 9pm NY time Thursday night is our Free Monthly Vibrational UPgrade call.

What new beginning are you birthing now? If you’re not, take some action on your behalf, please.

We’re in brand new times right now, yes….
10K Blessings!
Dr. Alison