energy healer waterMany of you have heard me say one of the strongest, fiercest pieces of intuitive guidance I’ve had since returning from the States is to stay away from the tap water. It does depend on where you live, and what the ecosystem is like under the land where you live.


I still don’t even use any kind of filtration system attached to the tap. I still get a strong no with that. You follow your own guidance, and again, it does depend on where you live. Florida has abundant aquifers without much depth to our land and an abundance of golf courses that use absurd amounts of chemicals to keep their greens green in an environment that is meant to have sand not lawns, and the tons of folks on meds down here, which is the #1 pollutant that the water treatment stations (which I studied and took classes at during my masters) can’t really get the effects of that out. Wait, it’s used toilet paper that is considered the #1 thing that ends up in water supply.


So I buy spring water. Sometimes I walk out of health food stores and feel as if I am sampling “designer waters” from around the globe, even with the transport time minimizing the fresh life force in the water, it still with some of the brands feels better, energetically; meaning my body says yes to whatever minerals are contained in that spring’s water. I also had a show where I interviewed Daniel Vitalis you can go back through the archives and listen to it, where he talks about the map of natural springs all over the U. S. that you can view online if you want to go to the source, which I do when I am up in Saratoga Springs, NY visiting family.


I do go to a deep well water fill up station to get the water I use to boil for my teas, including what I use for the base to my smoothies. But for the straight to me water I drink liters of per day, it’s the springs. And Zephyrhills a big NO! Crystal Springs reads as ok. I don’t know. I’ve been using some of the alkaline water lately, that is sourced from springs.


There is something else to consider: I’ve heard David Wolfe say at his Longevity Now conferences that I’ve been to – he’s had folks on the stage for hours talking about this exact issue, trying to nail down the best water sources – that he has walked into a hospital and has seen that at least 80% of the folks are in there due to dehydration. It’s also spoken about to be helpful in creating an environment where cancer can’t grow, if you’re fully hydrated.


I know the difference in how my body feels when it has a lot of water in it, and when it doesn’t. It’s really fluid, quite literally, in my muscular-skeletal system, and my clarity of mind is much more crystalized when I am hydrated with good, clean, life force filled water. 


It’s interesting that when I lay in the Saratoga Springs Mineral Baths at the Roosevelt house – the director at the time, once we began talking and she learned what I did had me, when I first went up there, smudge the entire bath house, which was immense! Teddy Roosevelt wanted the U. S. to have the same level of use of natural springs bath house for preventative health the way Europe does ( and I learned that Asia has in their long history of health & wellness). 


When laying in the mineral bath, the spring water jumps and leaps due to the electrical activity – yes, electrolytes are related – as an alive, balanced, spring has in it. Minerals are meant to be in the water, right? So there is a range of flavors the spring water can have, but when it’s sweet you know it’s fresh. And when you have  good water from a good source you don’t need electrolytes. And if you know or sense that the water you’re drinking isn’t recently removed from the spring, then add a few coarse sea salt granules, because sea salt contains all the minerals, and it’s therefore an electrolyte.


We are first and foremost electrical beings. Chi, or Ki, or Prana or life force is electric and magnetic. Electric is how the central nervous system signals, while the hormonal system – our other major communication system as humans – is chemical.


So it’s likely you’re starting to sense how important water is to your system, yes?


Just try it. Make a concentrated effort now to focus on the water, asking questions of your body and for guidance from your Higher Self and the universe, “What’s the best water for my body?” and “Body, what water do you want to drink?” You can also muscle test for this.


And then Observe how you feel after consuming more water, good water. This is an experiment for us each in optimal wellness, and we’re each different, with a different bio-chemistry. It may even change in a few months once you become more hydrated, what water your body and system desires.


Happy Hydration!