Happy Solstice – winter for some of you, summer for others of you – and sweet holiday celebrations!

Some suggestions for Celebrating the Solstice as they did since ancient days in cultures across the world:

1) go without artificial light, or limit it.

2) create candles out of mason jars that you glue gold and pink tissue paper on the outside of, or do this to candles in glass jars you already have

3) light a fire, and watch this fire with the intention of cleansing so you can connect more with the light

4) log off the devices more

5) Go within and visit with your darkness, or shadow, and ask what wants to be brought to light now

6) Do something creative that you think of to celebrate a part of your shadow’s unconsciousness you’ve brought more into the light this year

May blessings be showered down upon you & our planet as we even out, balance out even more of the light and dark.

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