Harmonizing You &
Your Co-Creative Power

Live Recording From Tuesday October 8th, 2019
with Dr. Alison J Kay

It is intense on planet earth right now.
Yet these are also tremendously auspicious times.
However, your mind-set may be more focused on the negativity of the crumbling old paradigm, as it really begins to get out of the way.
Since late summer, it’s been as if we’re on the final lap of this particular relay race, at this stage of what is considered our biggest evolutionary shift humanity has made, Humanity’s Awakening times, 2012-2032.
Being smack dab in the midst of shifting out of ego-dominance and into the new golden era of heart-dominance, "stuff" is hitting the fan, rubber is really hitting the road.

You may be finding yourself even less tolerant when you want to be more, more triggered when you want to be less.
And even with stronger spiritual tools you’ve gained, you’re still feeling connected to the seeming omnipresent negativity, misdeeds, lack of integrity and chaos.
It’s been like this since late summer because there has been an increase in the amount of and intensity of the purging of the density, as the 3D matrix seemed to simply lift off of the earth this year, at the start of summer.
You can look up on Nasa’s website any of these: lunar irregularities, solar flares, solar irregularities.
As well, you can look up the activity of the Schumann resonance, the measurement of our lovely planet’s -the electro magnetic - receptivity of these galactic activities influencing us - focusing on us - here on earth.
Again, the intention is for us to further shift, as we make our way around the bend to the completion of the first 1/3 of the 20 year window, 2012-2032, and head into 2020.
And this further shifting seems to mean further physicalizing the new.
It’s no longer just about receiving these lovely spiritual energies, so that we’re more inclined to pursue yoga, meditation or youtube videos on frequencies, chakras, or eating healthy or living our purpose.
The design is for us to move into our 4D selves and eventually our 5D selves, where there’s cooperation, collaboration, unity, compassion, awareness, openness, sharing, love, agape replacing competition, one-up-manship, division, intolerance, racism, closing down…you are quite familiar with the list.
And that shift now very much involves yes becoming more heart-dominant which requires a whole LOAD of shifting - which I go into great detail in my recently released book, Reasonable Dragons.
But then it also involves the 5D shift of learning how to step into our power that we each actually naturally have via our free will, to choose to actively co-create our new lives - and paradigm.
And that’s where we’re at right now, at the start of October, the start of the last quarter of 2019.
There has been a new format of new energy coming in since around spring equinox. I’ve been even more engaged recently than I typically already am, working with a multitude of trusted colleagues around the globe doing planetary work on behalf of the collective and the earth itself, in work sessions. We’re all noticing the same thing: there seems to be more disruptive energetics that are causing folks to have less of an easy time remaining untriggered.
This destabilization of the old is precisely what is meant to be happening now.
Of course, as always with Nature/the Divine, new tools are being brought in alongside these higher frequencies that are causing increased disruption and seeming chaos.
This aspect has also been Observed by myself and these various global leaders I’ve been working with too. At the subtle level, there seems to be some sort of metaphysical plasma, or liquid substance more substantiated now in and around us on planet earth.
It’s intention seems to be to help us learn and actively step into co-creation of our lives.
It is a creative force.
And it is here to assist us to get out of the old ways, and that includes any set points you may have gotten yourself to during this first phase of humanity’s Awakening Times, 2012-2019.
This energy is not just for us, those on this path, aware of the Awakening rippling throughout humanity and our planet since the great cosmic moment of 12/12/12.
Rather, this co-creative substance is now showing up everywhere on this planet, merging with everything, everywhere.
A key aspect of this is that it’s no longer supporting 3D blueprints, nor patterns of behavior psych mental bodies, spiritual bodies etc. this is the energy of moving forward.
Yet learning how to work the nature of these energies to your advantage, rather than just being blindsided by them and in reaction to them is the intent of this zoom - and all of my work within Vibrational UPgrade™️ System.

Yet you could be experiencing it as one or more
of these symptoms, possibly:

  • “Moving backwards”
  • Have somehow slid back into survival mode
  • More triggered
  • Increased focus on the negativity
  • Sudden strange pains in your body, especially your lower back & legs & feet
  • More spacey
  • Less clear about your path
  • Having been headed in one direction but now it seems you’ve hit a wall
  • More exhausted and requiring more rest
  • Desire for more stillness
  • Less sociable
  • More anxious
  • Upsets within your relationships
  • Upset tummy with digestion
  • Pull towards Nature
  • Desire to clean up your diet
  • Increased desire to check-out
  • Increased procrastination
  • Lack of motivation to follow through w/necessary actions towards targets & goals
  • Strong increased desire to get things sorted in your life
  • Increased desire to really KNOW what your purpose is
  • Feeling nostalgic for the past
  • Wanting to hide under the covers
It is intense on planet earth right now. All of this is in reaction to what has been going on since this last Lion’s Gate on 8/8/19. Many of you may remember my saying that I was sensing how key this one was going to be, and colleagues of mine were Sensing the same.
Well part of this is that we’ve just now entered a three year cycle via this lion’s gate.
And at this initial time, it is indeed feeling particularly turbulent. It’s meant to, because this new and different set of vibrations is here to complete the removal of the old blueprints, the stuck karma the energies - everything that we are needing to release, for this shift from 3D to 5D.
BUT it is being accompanied by this watery, or plasma like substance that is here to help us step forward into more active co-creators of our lives.
Yet learning how to work the nature of these energies to your advantage, rather than just being blindsided by them and in reaction to them is the intent of this zoom - and all of my work within Vibrational UPgrade™️ System.

So on this special zoom event you will:

  • Receive clearings around the negativity that is likely gathered around your legs from the shins down and feet
  • Have your field cleared from the impact of the collective lack of understanding and chaos
  • Receive a variety of super-dosed activations and Vibrational Upgrades so you can have your mind-body-spirit system arranged in such a way as to more clearly benefit from these higher frequencies
  • Receive transmissions around how best to work with this new plasma, watery like substance for our increased capacities to co-create
  • Be able to ask questions Q & A to further your understanding of how to thrive during this rather intense “turn around the corner” into 2020
  • Receive activations for your system to be able to work with the requisite energy flows in these new times as a co-creator
  • Receive clearings & activations for your system to enable less entrenchment with the old ways of creating and more attainment and alignment with this new mode of co-creating your life via every choice
  • Receive transmissions around the balancing of the yin and yang energy flows
  • Receive clearings & activations to help you have more of this necessary re-balancing intact within your consciousness so you have an easier time co-creating and thriving now
  • Receive support for yourself as a person dedicated to having more light, grace, ease, love, kindness and joy on our planet
  • Receive nutritional information about how best to support your mind-body-spirit system to enable it now, to best thrive now, in these frequencies and vibrational backdrop
  • Gain a stronger foothold on what tools and which support to utilize now to keep you & your vibration and life humming along, as high as possible
  • Receive Clearings & Activations to help you live in more harmony with these higher frequencies, rather than spinning & destabilized from being in reaction to them

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