In my latest video, I’ve provided cosmic wisdom and spiritual counseling on how to utilize cosmic energies and solar flares to create a new reality. I emphasized the importance of getting out into the natural environment, becoming more connected to the feminine aspect of life, and starting any creative process from a place of openness. So, I invite you guys and girls to free yourselves from the framework and follow your goals and dreams, using the energies of the universe to step into a new life chapter.

Embrace Solar Energies:

Solar flares and the sun’s energy have a huge impact on manifestation. We can align ourselves with higher vibrational energies by paying attention to these cosmic events. This, in turn, supports our goals.

New Vibrational Upgrade Practitioners:

After finishing my first week of educating new practitioners, I’m enthusiastic about the newfound light and vitality in the world. Through this training, people’s vibrations are aligned with higher ones, which increases their capacity to effect positive change.

Nature and the Feminine:

There is a need to embrace nature and the plea from the feminine side. This connection provides an open state, which allows the physicalization of metaphysical goals and ambitions.

Manifestation and Timeless Guidance:

This video is an invaluable tool for any manifestation practice. My message revolves around what wants to be created now, encouraging viewers to change, enhance, and develop their work.

Break Free from the Old Paradigm:

The old thinking of domination and forceful actions must be disappeared in the new model of the co-creation process. Instead, we should live within the rhythm of guidance; we should learn to say ‘Yes’ to the heart and ‘No’ to these dead-end ways.

Action Steps:

  1. Tune into Cosmic Energies: Pay attention to the occurrence of activities of the sun and other galaxies that foster the manifestation process.
  2. Spend Time in Nature: Engage in practices that would force one to engage nature and move into a greater state of being.
  3. Manifest with Intention: Focus on what needs to be created in your life and adjust accordingly to align yourself with the prayers of your heart.
  4. Embrace New Vibrations: Think about the vibrational upgrade training to practice to increase vibration and spiritual development.

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So, we all have the potential to deliberately co-create a new type of reality. By embracing the feminine, aligning with cosmic energies, and manifesting with intention, we can bring in a new period of empowerment, and flow, and completely change our lives.