alison heal yourselfI just wanted to give a final heads up about this powerful summit so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this incredible event that I’m participating in this week. It’s all about healing yourself through energy.


And What if There’s Nothing Wrong? What if there’s nothing to heal or fix?


So the  interview that I did with Denise Dominguez airs tomorrow, you can access it and listen all day, and receive the clearings through the weekend. These were particularly sweet clearings for the heart chakra – and more….


Our free call is next Thursday – and I know many of you have been waiting anxiously for it! These are rich, rich times we’re in right now!


The whole interview series is filled with lessons on creating a life you LOVE and I really want you to benefit from the tips, tools and incredible inspiration from this series.


I don’t want you to miss out on some amazing energy talks! So here is a “final call” it would be a shame if you missed it and I believe you are worth receiving these messages


It’s a NO sales event, with tons of free gifts.


And here’s why you don’t want to miss this event …

  • This is a FREE event that will make a HUGE difference for YOU!
    • You will get access to top-secret powerful tools so you can feel empowered, gain your self-confidence back, be happy and create a much bigger life for yourself through your energy!
    • The most dynamic interviews will arrive directly to YOU during the event to unveil secrets and daily tips that you can implement immediately to create YOUR OWN SUCCESS PLAN!
    • You’ll be guided how to create success across all areas of your life and business!!
    • This is for you and everyone you know too! Have a friend join with you so you can discuss and implement new strategies with each other’s support.


My colleague and friend Denise Dominguez is hosting The Heal Yourself Energy Summit-discover how energy affects your health, mood, motivation & Future! And I’m excited to be one of the speakers. I just know you’re gonna love it!