Me in South Africa on a gigantic Rose Quartz crystal outside of a mine of tiger's eye and rose quartz

Coming to you from South Africa…How do we have more joy, light & happiness? Holistic lifestyle tips & tools to counteract our post-modern lifestyles

April 20, 2012
Hosted by Alison J. Kay, PhD Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer, India Trained YA RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer

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You are safe, it is ok – all is as it should be. What if you really felt that? Why does life on our planet feel different now than it did ten or even five years ago? A brief chat about the more subtle, less well-known contributing factors in our post-modern world starts us off to see how they challenge us to rise above what almost feels like a contagious tendency towards a heavy or depressed or fear energy that is a part of life right now on this planet. We then focus on holistic lifestyle tools, ie., food, exercise, constructive thinking – simple daily habits you can easily incorporate into your life. Who we interact with on a daily basis effects us too, so how to successfully equip ourselves – whether you are depressed or not – to not take on this density in the air & support ourselves to thrive Alison speaks to as well. Join in for some of Alison’s core teachings on how to thrive in mind, body & spirit at the daily level! And receive some ThetaHealing to make it light & easy!