Hi , I’d like to introduce you to Diane.

Diane came to me having such a strong Knowing that I was the mentor for her, to help take her to her next level of living. She’d participated in other programs from others before and even trained in one of the best-known folks in this field’s schools for practitioners, yet she still wasn’t free to be the way she KNEW she was meant to be living.

She’s a kind, sweet, caring, artistic and loving woman, having been married and now divorced, learning how to let herself live without so much output while allowing for abundance in her business that she runs, an Assisted Living Facility.

Diane had some work to do, to learn how to use her voice, and allow herself to say what she really feels, rather than being hurt, bullied, over-looked and taken advantage of. She actually lost her voice in the strongest healing response she had after returning from her first round of trainings on retreat with me in Glastonbury, due to how much up-leveling was occurring – and is! – in her system.

She has been such a diligent student making super use of all the tools, modules, videos, teachings and products – as well as free gifts given to her while in the Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program.

She has joined a gym and now goes regularly. She is looking years younger, as the stress has left her life in her self-talk, where she no longer “goes in on herself” as I’ve come to call it, and instead allows others to experience their own issues and projections, without catalyzing the old reactions of feeling bad, feeling as if she’d done something wrong somehow, or feeling as if it was her job to fix anything whenever someone wasn’t feeling good, happy or light. She has begun to really set herself free.

Diane has been increasing her capacity to receive. New male attention is a part of this, but so is her employees stepping up more, while she has more space to actually do what she desires to do.

She is allowing money to come to her more easily, free of the old need to justify, or feel bad or guilty that she’s receiving. She is learning how to allow herself to have what she desires. That is completely intertwined with learning how to ask for what she desires, while allowing for the possible ruffling of others’ feathers to occur, without it being her job to either shut-up or not ask.

I am so proud of her, and want to share her story with you so that you can stop having false expectations that this energy medicine stuff or this LOA stuff should work within a month or 2 of some listening to some stuff here and there, and then giving up on you being able to have change when it doesn’t.

I’ve designed the Vibrational UPgrade System and train my students in it after studying the behavior of change, the process of how people actually change permanently since a freshman in college.  Yet the Western approach within the field of psychology wasn’t enough to answer the question, how do we become the happiest, most thriving versions of ourselves?

So off I went to the field of mindfulness, meditation, and the human potential field. This lead to certification in personal training, in which I also studied the process of behavioral change. Yoga teaching certification came later, also clearly articulating a 5k year old system of the process of change. Yet none of this have I found complete within itself, including each of the 5 forms of different energy medicine modalities I’m certified in, so I created one that combines them all, including my chi gong teaching.

Consistent focus on what you want, while having the support to clear what comes up while you learn how to further Align your system not with your ego-mind’s demands or wants but with what genuinely will make your heart sing and that you’re naturally, organically discovering you’re here to do – this is a gradual process.

Please stop expecting massive physical changes, especially when it’s in the most stubbornly stuck area of your life, within even 2 months. Karma is typically involved in the most stubborn blockages, and that takes some robust clearing.

As does trauma and abuse. So give yourself a break. And get inspired by Diane’s story. And know YOU’RE on the right track.

By being here in the Vibrational UPgrade tribe and reading this, you’re having your false expectations built up by the spiritual marketplace as it has now come to be coupled with the instant gratification of our post-globalized world further cleared, with the genuine Knowing of the Truth of what is required to actually change a pattern and the Knowing that you can change anything with diligence, consistently and the right support behind you.

I so love when folks come to me, onto the Open The Drawbridge complimentary calls, Knowing that I am the right mentor for them, and ready to roll up their sleeves and dedicate 3 to 6 months or even 2 years to changing patterns of behavior that have had lifetimes to become entrenched, recognizing the Truth and reality in the Vibrational UPgrade System, and thus their own ability to have a new life start, no matter what age.

And especially NOW! These frequencies we’re living amongst really are beneficial for this work. Within the all-inclusive support container I’ve created in the Vibrational Upgrade System, I’m seeing my peeps get results that took me 5 years, within 6 months, or even 3!

Depending on what work they’ve done before and what they’re coming to me with to clear, and how diligently they apply themselves to all the tools they’re given during the course of working with me. And how much they allow themselves to actually change – which I always get their backs with pounding clearings on them so that they allow for as much change – and then magic & thriving – as possible!

As you’ve likely heard me say, “this stuff works! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it!”

Now onto Diane:

In the first 2 months of the Mastermind, after having completed the 3 month immersive Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow program (which is where Masterminders are invited into the Mastermind out of, upon my identification of their flourishing; about 30% only of 3M’ers are ever given this clearance & invited, per my Guidance) she says …

“So much to say so little time. I have been repeating the numbers (a secret code for speedy & accurate manifestation from living in the possibilities) and saying the morning and evening clearing questions since last week. As far as work goes we have had to give a residents family notice that he must leave.

He can become violent and has hurt me, other staff members and broken furniture. This has never happened before and was a very difficult choice. I don’t give up on my residences. I knew it was the right thing to do. This now would mean we will have a vacancy.

Saturday I was walking out the door a there stood a woman in the doorway looking for placement for a friend that she is POA for. We talked over an hour. She is very interested in Angel Works for her friend. Today I talked with a gentleman that has set up 4 appointments for memory care facilities for our resident to move to. One of our other residents families would like their mom to move in. Two people one room!

How does it get any better than this?? Well let me tell you! I placed an ad for staff Saturday night on a new site and used the numbers as my password lol. I have had 6 good replies and will be interviewing most of Wednesday. Woo Hoo There is more happening in other areas and I will share soon.”

From her first 1 on 1 session (which are included as a part of the Mastermind program)… This intuitive piece of insight during the coaching part of her 1 on 1 was then cleared using my signature energy medicine, around what doesn’t allow for this and then activated so that more of it can show up:

“Thank you so much for your insight. I feel comfortable with it and I continue to be more focused on my growth. I appreciate the reminder that I am not responsible to fix anyone but me. In case you have not been told today, YOU’RE AWESOME! I can’t believe how my reactions have changed and my let it go time is less than half it used to be.”

This is Diane, after one of our Mastermind meetings, where during my facilitation for her during her time in “the hot seat” she was given an activation around this:

“I kept hearing you Alison, keep it light, don’t make it a big deal.”

This intuitive hit, and the ensuing clearing and activation work I did on her within the Mastermind meeting and then with the daily energy sends I do on each Masterminder, she began to gradually – and not slowly! – have my intuitive hits and insights of what will best Serve her becoming new and free & out of the old limitations, and then the energy medicine to ensure this cutting of the automated mind-body connections (blocks) take over, with the replacement of the negative self-talk that reinforced the limiting patterns ultimately being replaced by the positive.

This is not only neuroplasticity at its best, which results from meditation practices – without even having to invest the time in meditation, as I did! – but it’s also the severing of the mind-body connection that occurs at the unconscious and subconscious level.

I wrote extensively about this in my first book, written my 10th year of living in Asia while getting my doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching, What if There’s Nothing Wrong? Published by Hay House.

So what you’re reading here is the tracking of her gradual release of the old, as she learns how to create the space (via the Vibrational Upgrades from me getting her able to have her old, limiting negative self-talk locked in place by unconscious and subconscious programming be replaced by what will set her free, showing up increasingly in her daily self-talk.

She thus – as the Vibrational UPgrade System™ is designed to do – had her own system reprogrammed with the positive, enabling her to have much grace & ease with releasing the old, while learning how to both allow for and magnetize – and command! – the new.

“Where can I change to make this less of an issue? I have improved but know I have more work to do.”

This is Diane furthering her coming out of the old, limiting patterns and having herself both see and feel the possibilities for living differently in this new, freer way, applying tools that she gained from working with me, to enhance her own speedy growth.

“Alison, this was Sunday. Where I was staying was between the Tor and Wearyall Hill. ( I could see both from there) I journaled while I was up on the hill. When I looked up on both sides of me were these cloud formations. Just like I saw during one of my attunements, ( they weren’t clouds then) when I saw the lines drawn from the tor to Wearyall Hill and Bride’s Mound.

I then saw a bright light shining directly at me from across the way. Yes it could have been the sun but I choose not to think that. When I looked at the picture of me there seems to be an orb on me too. I then walked to the top of the hill and I was thinking about how my life will change after this experience with you. Am I ready, do I have the gifts, I can succeed, again I looked up and saw the most gigantic exclamation point Cloud ever.”

This was Diane, writing during her trainings while on retreat, receiving her attunements for levels I and II of Vibrational UPgrade System™. You can sense & see the magic that she’s now opened up to – and expecting!

My masterminders are repeatedly given the tools to understand how to both connect in with the Universe and interpret its messaging, so the intended 2-way communications are able to occur, and life takes on a much bigger, and more magical perspective, as it’s intended to be.

“Alison, yesterday morning during my meditation I was thinking of you and asking you to please please hear me, the negativity that started to surround me for the past few days was becoming overwhelming.

I brought myself back to when we were in Glastonbury and you ask me to go inside the ruin of St Michael, you spoke to me about where my energy goes and where it shouldn’t go and remembering where I was I pulled out my beautiful figurine of saint Michael and looked at him and pictured your face and what you had told me.

Later that morning a huge wave of warmth came over me and a tingling in my body. A peacefulness entered me. Thank you if it was you at the time or the remembrance of our past conversation.♥️”

This was upon Diane’s return to her life after the retreat, and learning how to integrate the magic she’d now been opened up to – very much in response to the attunements received in the heart chakra of the planet – into her daily life.

Each Masterminder, and especially Diane, goes through SUCH a massive Vibrational UPgrade and boost to their systems, that it typically takes approx. a month afterward to be able to learn how to accommodate this higher status of existence into their bodies and daily life via their choices.

“Thank you all for the support and wisdom for the past few days ♥️. As low as I felt it was truly uplifting to feel all of your caring energy surround me.”

This is my working with her via the coaching online in our secret facebook group for Masterminders, as well as the daily energy sends, to help sustain and increase the momentum we’d hit to create the new life she came to me asking me to help her choose, create and live.

“Yes, change is coming and I am excited and fearful at the same time. Yet I go back to the amazing feelings I had while I was away in the UK. This is what I want for me. Oh, I am a work in progress. Again, I thank you for your constant support.”

This is her really seeing into the how of how to sustain and maintain and even build the higher vibrations into her life no matter what is going on outside of her.

She’s hit a new threshold here.

As you read and experience the evolution and magic that Diane was so beautifully able to tap into through her knowing to get support within the Vibrational UPgrade System.

What visions of the next level thriving is coming up for you?

I would love to hear more about it.

You can comment below, or even better yet let’s start the conversation on the Open The Drawbridge Discovery Call.

You will speak with one of Team Vibrational UPgrade & for those that are a full embodied yes, you can get access to the exact process and energy medicine Diane did that same day!


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Many blessings,

Dr. Alison & Team Vibrational UPgrade