Have you ever wondered how energy healing works? You have come to the right place then 🙂

Here at Vibrational UPgrade, we specialize in activating people’s true potential and unlocking their powers they have had all along! You will be led by myself, Alison J. Kay, PhD, in not only achieving your energy healing, but getting officially certified in helping others get their own energy healing powers as well! You can use this energy healing for your own company or business, or even use in other aspects of your life with the Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Certification Program!

The process of getting certified is so fun as well! You get to work with me and other like-minded people also getting their healing powers, and you get to travel to several sacred sites in Europe! Those are always so fun and enlightening, especially with everyone there.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to one of my clients who went through the certification process herself! Click the button below to hear many more testimonials of the Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Certification!

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You learn so much as well!

  • You’ll be able to give yourself and others energy medicine healing treatments for the rest of your life
  • You have the ability to develop a new career or professionalize it if you’re already in this field
  • You can enhance the current career you have, with this understanding that will compliment any western trained therapist or any field engaged in helping others
  • Because this will be the only training you’ll ever need, as it’ll fill in those missing pieces that all your other trainings and certifications have not had, as your VUP training will cement all of it together for you (finally!) of how this all works
  • You’ll increase your light body
  • You’ll be able to uplift any environment you walk into, creating more heart-centric, harmonious situations (1 of the key meanings behind my business/mission’s name & intention behind my doing this work this way)

I have to stop myself from listing more because there is just simply so much! This certification helps you so much in life and I can go on and on about it’s benefits. I HIGHLY suggest signing up for our certification process and I hope to see you soon 🙂

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