We have a month w/2 new moons – extremely rare – meteor showers beginning, eclipse season starting and a Jupiter Neptune Conjuction on April 12th.

The last time this conjuction happened was in 1856 and the next time won’t be until 2188.

Now I’m not a professional astrologer – I defer to them always –

– but in watching what the cosmos has been doing since 2011 for this 2012-2032 time –

– and then asking my Guidance as I stand under the stars nightly, what that means for us here as our old era crumbles and we co-create our new one…

…we’ve entered into another rather intense birth canal.

This is all a part of our Grand Shift, 2012-2032, which is considered humanity’s greatest evolutionary leap, right?

You’ve heard me say that enough by now, yes?

But this year is especially important.

You’ve been hearing me say this as well, since this new year started, yes?

And we are now getting into the thick of it & it’ll be intensifying over this next two months –

– both in the magic available –

– and the frustration, if you’re not actively clearing out the old parts of you within your consciousness –

– and ours, collectively.

The NEW is banging on in! 🙂

And it’s ultimately brighter & lighter!

So depending on where you’re at on your path with this kind of work/play within your consciousness & energy, you’re either seeing old versions of you really show up hard now & possibly feeling a bit “stuck” –

– or you’re dropping bits of your old identities, old dreams, old ways of doing life as you, rather elegantly & easily.

Which one are you experiencing?

So please know that you could be reaping massive gains during this time!

And that comes from the more you attentuate to what we’re conditioned to consider as “only the background hum of life.” That invisible domain, not the tangible “proof.”

>Meaning the more you work on clearing out new levels of old, ego-mind held patterns of thought & behavior, the more grace, ease & successful manifesting you’ll be able to reap.

In this current batch of energy downloading onto our planet, this seems to be really focusing on where our egoic conditioning and motives are lurking behind our intentions.

Meaning, the more superficial you’re going at your desires, it’s possible the more challenging having them manifest is.

This light is intended to move us into more heart-valuing, aligned, peaceful, harmonious times –

– where your well-being is NOT challenged as much as our old crumbling paradigm has done –

– nor your inherent birthright to having more than enough is not blocked out by abuses of power so you’re NOT fighting for your survival or working really hard.

If you think about the systemic abuses of power in the 2 examples – ie America’s for-profit medical care system and global money holdings of the 1ish%, these are egoic motives, right?

So it’s also within you, your life & your goals – likely influenced by this conditioning of valuing status, fame, followers – power of that sort. Not actual power.

I am speaking about the overall ego-dominance that has run on our planet for centuries, rather than heart & spirit.

And that egoic sort of power is over others. This is about power over ourselves.

Our cosmos, the Universe, the Divine – however you construe it – seems to be in these times, pointing the way to our higher version(s), as we drop the old, 3D matrix.

If you’ve been working with me or my products of clearings & activations for a while, then you’re more likely to experience more subtle, “A-Ha’s” or “awarenesses” –

– as you become aware of more nuanced aspects of your old-self still behind many of your choices now for your new co-creations.

And what you’re avoiding choosing…

If you’re feeling dense, heavy, frustrated, lethargic, full of inertia and lack of motivation, self-sabotaging, hiding from the world & hating others, struggling to see with clarity and more – then you really need to get working on your consciousness.

It’s becoming a brand new paradigm & world.

Can you feel it?

Please get yourself in a position to reap the benefits and rewards of this light, rather than being hammererd by it.

Sorry that this isn’t all about joy and manifesting w/more grace & ease –

– but if you want that, then do what I’ve said, whether with me or other support

– to get you working within your consciousness and energetics, not only coaching (which like therapy, focuses only on the mental & possibly emotional body – & ego.)

You & we all need to be flipping the switch ON now to where we pay more attention to energy and the underlying vibrations behind the existence of all life, not just the physically tangible.

This especially means the unconsciousness that lies behind the thoughts you DO hear within your own mind.

And get this all more aligned with the heart & higher vibrations.