Earier this month, I got to (virtually) sit down with Susan Dolci on her podcast. What an awesome time! We talked about a variety of topics that I absolutely love discussing, such as when many thought leaders are saying the same things, how to spot a professional Reiki practitioner, how to learn energy healing, and how to connect with that energy and vibrations. We also got to discuss my new book, The Dragon Master Creatrix: Conversations with a Female Spiritual Teacher for these New Times, which tells the journey of a woman who unlocks her true potential, learning ancient secrets and traveling the world.

In Susan and I’s discussion, I talked about the international journey I was on myself, and I shared a piece of guidance from the Dalai Lama that was shared with me.

If people were inherently evil, we still wouldn’t be alive… we all work together constructing life. If we were inherently evil, we would have destructed by now, so think about that; working together, collaboration, unity. I am very big on the co-creation, learning not to be a victim… It doesn’t matter your ethinicity, gender, socioeconomic background, no matter what, you never see yourself as a victim to anything outside of you. And even more importantly, you don’t see yourself as a victim to any of your own limited beliefs.

Alison J. Kay, PhD

There’s many steps for spiritual awakening, and learning your own energy healing, but this is a major one, and one that I talk about in my programs; Activate Your Magic, 3M: Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow and Vibrational UPgrade Mastermind Certification. If you are at least curous about activating your own, and learning how to activate your energy healing and vibrations, these programs are a MUST!

Thank you so much for Susan for letting me on her show. What an experience! If you’d like to listen to her podcast more, or want to know about the services she provides, you can visit her site here at www.susandolci.com. You can also watch more of my videos and podcast interviews on my YouTube channel, and receive FREE activations and clearings 🙂