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The Inspiring Breakthroughs Summit is Going LIVE!


This year, transformational coach, Jeffery Davis, has invited me to participate in the Inspiring Breakthroughs Summit. I’m incredibly excited because along with that invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you the opportunity to watch.


And I took the opportunity to give away 1 of the 3 mp3’s of my NEW product, “Stop Stopping Yourself” that will go live with my book release, Vibrational UPgrade A Conspiracy For Your Bliss 7/26.


If you’re looking for simple strategies to move past your self-imposed limits or blocks… this is your chance! And what if they’re not really even blocks? This is what I explore.


When you sign up for this summit, you’ll get exclusive access to an all expert panel as we open your mind to the possibility that your transformational breakthrough is on the other side of your breakdown, the place you are ‘stuck’ and what if this is the very nature of how energy flows?

  • Understand what a ‘breakdown’ or area you are getting ‘stuck’ in, is telling you
  • Learn how to create your own inspiration with new ways of relating to the ‘block’ or ‘resistance’ that may be stopping or slowing your progress
  • Learn how to shift your internal state so the resistance that was blocking your goal is now just a step in your path



Don’t miss this completely FREE Event!

Reserve your “seat” here:


Don’t pass this opportunity up to get insider access to some of the brightest minds in breaking through to your full potential in money, relationships, career, and health today.

Summit is 7/12-7/20