Juicing You & Your Desired Manifestations UP

so you can have an easier time with it!

*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

As I’ll still be leading trainings & retreats connected to Glastonbury, UK (virtual this year…both the May and October ones), this month’s zoom event is especially timed to get you the most high, pristine light as possible.

That’s because I’m delivering massive amounts of light down in these sacred attunements given to each student.

They get 4 at each level!

And 1 attunement is equal to 8 sessions!

So for me, in this first week after the first two levels, I’ve now given the equivalent of 96 sessions from just this first 2 levels – and I have 3 more levels to go through, by the time of this event!

And… ALL of them will be there, so this field is going to be extraordinary! You’ll see…

In fact, I chose to do a longer chi gong session this morning in order to work with this massive influx of light in my field and bring it down and help distribute it more throughout me and my field.

So they’ve had, as have I, electronics going really wonky, stuff breaking…, which are all signs of the heightened energy of breakthroughs all over the place!

Yet, the technology via the zooms and wifi has held strong, literally across the planet from Florida to Australia, with folks scattered all over and from folks joining in from Glastonbury, England in between. And tomorrow starts the EU now being involved.

Yes, the majority of students are in North America. During these final weeks of the US presidential elections…!!!

See, I made a strong command so that the technology holds strong with no glitches – and it has!


There’s a manifestation, from the positioning I’ve gotten to over the decades of doing this energy medicine coupled with mindfulness of stand, command and demand, from the requisite vibrations and consciousness so that the desired manifestation occurs.

This is what my beloved students begin to engage with within my signature program, “Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow,” while they get attuned to this and for this to bring them into ever increasing levels of self-mastery over themselves and their power to manifest.

And I’m already flying high as I write this, after having lead 2 levels this week through their training & certification in VUP’s System of energy medicine & mindfulness, so by the time of this event, I’ll be on my 2nd to last day and…

Well, rather than have this event in the first week of October which would’ve been before I started the retreats, I made it this time to give you as much of a dose of this HIGH energy as possible.

And we will be directing it towards your desired manifestations!

Manifest your most cherished, heart-singing desires

I’ll run clearings that I’ve seen throughout the years with my focus on guiding people to be able to manifest their most cherished, heart-singing desires that will help you begin to position yourself in such a vibration and I’ll deliver some intuitive coaching for increased mindfulness coupled with those clearings & activations so you have a more disciplined ego-mind.

This is all to get you in the right consciousness & vibrations required for stronger manifestation capacities.

As well, I’ll be soliciting blocks from you that get triggered within you, by what I’m doing within those initial clearings & activations, that you personally submit.

I’ve never opened this work up to you all before. Instead, it has always remained encased within the high level work I’m doing within my Magic, Manifestation and Money Flow signature program and then in my VUP Mastermind.

So I’m excited! I’ve been given the go-ahead because NOW IS THE TIME!


Juicing You & Your Desired Manifestations UP 

so you can have an easier time with it!

A $997 Value
Only $297
Only $97


*Including Clearings & Activations & Energetic Support ONLY Available Within The Vibrational UPgrade System

Finally, we’ll also focus on your most desired manifestation and:

  • Clear the pathway in front of it
  • Clear you & your “back of the house noise” – blocks at the unconscious & subconscious level –  connected to THAT specific manifestation
  • I’ll bless the pathway in front of this manifestation (I LOVE doing this! This is some of the most sacred work I do)
  • and see what I intuitively see that you show my intuition that you still carry, in order to help you by then clearing out the blocks I’m shown for you towards this specific manifestation so that this intense, HIGH energy can be even more laser focused onto your desired manifestation having a much wider path and increased possibilities of coming into fruition, on the path of it as you relate to it now, today
  • Activating your receiving capacities after clearing out blocks I get shown within your receiving & receptivity
  • Activating your magnetism so you can assist this manifestation to have more of an energetic pull into your field – and life!

This is one zoom event you do NOT want to miss!


“Before working with Dr. Alison, I felt very constricted and was constantly worried. My shoulder blades had been under constant tension and felt really tight and hurt.

My mind was going crazy, bombarding me with whatever came to my mind – images of the news, of a movie I had seen, whatever. I had literally no control over it.

Right on the first call she did clearings on my shoulders and basically ever since, the weight had been gone and they are smooth and light now. This alone made a huge difference in my life which I will always be grateful for!

With her intuitive loving guidance, she leads you through the entire process of being you again.

She provides tools that help you master your mind and calm it down. Her approach is holistic and her knowledge immense and covers whatever you name if needed.

She is the Mama Bear that lovingly takes care of all of us. I am in a corporate job right now, but I wish I owned a business: The approaches she delivers to see any business issue from entirely different angles are always amazing to me. In a glimpse she comes up with great insight.

I live my life now with much more joy, ease and calmness! and with much more gratitude and love. I know it’s up to me to choose and there are plenty of choices. You just have to be aware of them!

Since joining Dr. Alison’s program, I experienced extra magical moments of flow and lightness! So thank you for all the magical loveliness Dr. Alison!”

Claude Roma

“I feel so blessed. We recently moved into a perfect house for us – we love it and it’s just brilliant. A year and a half ago I would never have imagined myself to be where I am – I felt so stuck where I was literally and figuratively….

We started a podcast and we’ve recorded 12 episodes and we’re starting to build a community. It’s so fun, and we’re totally loving it- we just love learning and sharing our knowledge and it’s been a blast. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

…You bring such light to the world. I send you much love and hugs!!”

– Lesley Lang

“After just a few days of listening to all the free gift records, feeling the clearings and removal of blocks after our call and work I believe Alison is doing behind the scenes, I manifested a completely unexpected gov contract award.

WHAT? Yes, you heard right! How is that even possible?!! Alison J Kay!! <3

I’ve been journaling and meditating for “quick, easy cash and success for my company” for a long time. Looks like whatever block/contract/past life agreement that was holding me back just got the boot! Yay! “

– Tami Fitzpatrick

“Wow! I felt like a little girl in Christmas morning opening up the link to the STOP Your Shutdown replay. I FELT instanteous vibrational upgrade

I have to tell you as soon as I clicked the link to play it, and you started speaking, the lamp on the end table next to me Shut on and off three times from your energy. I am grateful and honored to finally be able to purchase a program with you. I’m very humbled. I felt a lot of changes going on. I was yawning got very sleepy & tingling. I’m kind of can I say, intoxicated & High. I just wanted to thank you because I know that major positive changes are on their way to me because of being able to work with you. I just want to say again thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gifts with me.”

– Patricia


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped hundreds of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.