Dr. Alison J. Kay

On this most spectacular solstice, we are focusing the increased light on striking a more
empowering balance in your life between
your heart & head, spiritual & material

… So You Can More Easily Allow & Claim For Yourself Your Higher
Self’s Visions that Knows of the Unlimited Possibilities
Becoming More Accessible Now!

How many of you have decided you’re not capable of having what you’re desiring?

And if you see that you’re no longer there – first, congratulations! Well done 😁 –

– yet, how much ease do you allow for in your receiving of what you ask for?

Do you feel strong in your ability to announce out to the Universe – ask for – what it is your heart is truly desiring?

Do you feel heard?

Do you perceive the responsiveness of the Universe?

Do you feel confident in your ability to allow yourself to receive the answers to your asks?

Do you feel a 2 way connection to the easy flow of life & possibilities with the Universe?

Do you live in that flow & choose and create from there?

Or do you see yourself having unconscious expectations – or biases – that expects you have to push against something invisible…

… but yet a force of resistance all its own, seemingly inherent to the process, as you go for the manifestation of anything?

Do you feel like you know you’re meant to have, be and live out a sweeter, easier, kinder life…

…but the old paradigm’s 3D reality still has such a firm grip on you, so you unconsciously – and perhaps even consciously – limit your ask & limit your ease & limit your access to this more nurturing life?

Do you feel you live with access to the field of unlimited possibilities & can co-create from there with Trust & Ease?

Or have you been finding you keep experiencing much the same thing when you go to manifest your heart’s desires?

Have the changes you’ve been desiring to make to renew your life been sluggish?

If any of these apply to you, then please know I’ve been listening!

And this event is for you! (Quite literally 😁 )

But it’ll also help shift the collective.

So creation of the new will become easier, for you personally, as well as the collective, to then follow suit.

Let’s get your consciousness and field more cleared of the nattering of the collective and the old paradigm.

And more so, it’s now time to bolster your own efforts with more strength & support that’s become available now – to you!


This solstice of June 2023 is a KEY one – as is this year, which I’ve been saying all year!

We’re in the midst of truly having the old paradigm that the global community is still operating from and thus our institutions, societal norms and organizations and standards have yet to be replaced with the new ones, of the new era.

We’re meant to be co-creating that new era right now, with our choices!

Yet it’s not here yet, so the chaos of change is what we’re still being presented with, as the old paradigm continues to crumble, yet we don’t see the new one fully formed yet.

Which makes it easier for worries, doubts, fears and hesitation to take over confidence, Knowing, Trust and creating and choosing those higher choices, from the unlimited potential and possibilities inherent in these times.

How to access this more, then?

Well it seems that what I’m getting is that a grounding in more of the potential, the possibilities that the Universe, the cosmos and our Higher Selves know we’re here to co-create in these most intense yet auspicious times, is what’s required.

So are you willing to be a vessel to help ground these higher frequencies into your consciousness and energy field?

This’ll help first and foremost you.

During this significant Solstice event you will receive:

  • A strong transmission to help shift your unconscious, subconscious, & conscious mind, as well as your energy field, into claiming more powerfully for yourself the new energies that want to help us live up to more of our potential now & the creation of new possibilities now
  • A brilliant strengthening of your connection to the world of Spirit, where all matter is created from
  • Powerful clearings & activations to transmute the doubts, worries and fears of lack, uncertainty, and lack of Trust into strengthening and empowering your heart, spirit, soul, Higher Self and all levels of consciousness to be more fully anchored and empowered to be the leading force within you
  • Clearings & Activations to reduce the firm grip the old paradigm may still have on you, that causes you to limit yourself, and what you envision and ask and go for & for your desired manifestations to be met with obstacles, sluggishness & frustration
  • Clearings & Activations to empower your confidence in your worthiness and ability and allowance of yourself to actually be able to receive and live out your heart’s desires
  • Clearings & activations on the miasma, the Maya, the illusion, that because it’s physicalized it’s more important than what you’re holding in your heart & spirit & Higher Self
  • Clearings & activations that empower your restoration to the power of where we’re each actually co-creating our lives from, so you’re more successfully able to work the dynamics of co-creating the new in your life
  • Clearings & activations to boost your 2 way communication with the non-material realms to positively affect your material life

You’ll also be offered a never before offered special to take what you’ve gained even deeper for even more bang for your buck!

Thank you for who you be on this planet right now 🙂


…aka “the lightning bolt” is the founder of the Vibrational UPgrade System, a potent container of healing and activating energetics to activate the magic within.

She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body, and spirit and easing humanity’s evolutionary transition. She has helped thousands of people tap into greater meaning, success and happiness in their living using the methods she teaches.